Snailiad walkthrough

Snailiad is a new platform action adventure game developed by Crystal Jacobs and sponsored by newgrounds. It's an 8 bit inspired game where you get to explore a vast snaily world, discover secret passages, collect new weapons, learn new abilities and save the snails. Snail world was all peaceful until one day Moon snail left oa a journey. Soon after, the snails began to mysteriously disappear one by one. Now it's up tp Snaily snail to find the missing ones and save them from whatever horrible creature that is holding them captive (it will be most likely a very bad final boss).

Snailiad walkthrough.

Alright, this game is one amazing 8-bit game that I played in quite a while. It's one to the most epic game ever made that features snaily stuff. It's a big 8 bit game that offers long hours of gameplay. I must warn you that this is not your regular snail game with slow moving characters. It's an action packed-pea shooting adventure snail game with lots of boss battles. Anyways, I'm currently in the process of collecting video guide and so far this is what I've got for a Snailiad walkthrough (updated when new videos are found).


  1. I put up a complete video playthrough:

    I think you might be better off linking to that than the soundtrack. (Feel free to delete this comment, I just wanted to bring it to your attention :-)

  2. I love this game! Thanks for the video! :D


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