Halloween Escape Unmasked walkthrough

Halloween Escape Unmasked is another new scary point and click game on addictinggames. This time, you have to uncover the truth behind all those mysterious ghosts and poltergeists aiming to see what really scared you in the previous Halloween Escape game.

Halloween Escape Unmasked walkthrough.

Explore rooms to find items that you can use to solve puzzles including spoon, pliers, scissors and keys among others. Meanwhile, if you got stuck and missed the in game button for the guide, here is a Halloween Escape Unmasked walkthrough I found.

Treasure Of Big Totem 17 walkthrough

Treasure Of Big Totem 17 is another new episode of point and click adventure game sereies  from Federico Rutenberg. This time there two possible endings which can be achieve depending on the decisions that you will take on certain points of the game.

Treasure Of Big Totem 17 walkthrough.

This game is as entertaining as its 16 previous episodes and has enough difficulty to challenge your wits. Meanwhile, here is Treasure Of Big Totem 17 walkthrough showing the solution.

Click Death Graveyard walkthrough

Click Death Graveyard is another new Halloween themed stick men puzzle game from bored. This is just one of the many ClickDEATH games on bored where your objective is to eliminate all the stick men in the game though you must do it without anyone seeing another one die or you lose.

Click Death Graveyard walkthrough solution.

So how long will it take for you take out these innocent stick people? If you are having trouble trying to figure out the solution, this Click Death Graveyard walkthrough shows just how to beat the game.

Binga walkthrough

Binga is another new point and click variety of puzzle from ninjadoodle. It's a collection of handful puzzle games that might drive you a little nuts. Or it can sharpen your wits and mouse skills and make it big to the leader boards.

Binga walkthrough.

This is game is similar to the click play series and the puzzles are somewhat like of the busta brain game. Really great with it's well thought out puzzles. The first rounds are easy then progressively gets difficult in last rounds. Meanwhile, here is Binga walkthrough to save us all from losing our wits (showing solution to all levels and rounds).

Hood Episode 2 walkthrough

Hood Episode 2 is a new point and click adventure game from hyptosis. This is the continuation where the first hood game left off. With nothing but your jack o lantern, enchanted hammer and sword you came to a strange metal beast looking machine, disturbed from the bottom of the swamp in search of the you girl and what is she after.

Hood Episode 2 walkthrough.

Like its predecessor, this one also has a neat art style, good music and an interesting story. Meanwhile, if you want to know how to beat this game the fastest way (and with a badge), here are some Hood Episode 2 walkthrough that shows the game completed.

Monkey Go Happy Marathon walkthrough

Monkey Go Happy Marathon is a new point and click puzzle game from pencilkids. This game is consist of 30 monkey mini games each offers different kind of puzzles to solve but has a common goal and that is to make the sad monkey happy.

Monkey Go Happy Marathon walkthrough.

There are also skill games inside this one such shooting stuff among others. If you complete the game quick enough, you will earn a bonus. Meanwhile, here is a Monkey Go Happy Marathon walkthrough showing the game completed.

Shore Siege 2 walkthrough

Shore Siege 2 is a new point and click resource management and tower defense game from armorgames. You are a pirate captain and monsters are coming after your treasure and you can't afford to lose all that gold you need in order to buy more rum. You must set up defenses and protect your precious treasures from waves of incoming monsters.

Shore Siege 2 walkthrough cheats.

While this game is not the first of its kind, it still offers a lot of fun, action and challenge. In fact it has some really neat graphics and animation. Meanwhile, here is Shore Siege 2 walkthrough showing all levels with 4 star ratings.

Deaths Embrace Escape walkthrough

Deaths Embrace Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Nikolay Marchenko. One day, you woke up in an abandoned laboratory and you don't remember anything. Your head hurts and there's blood everywhere. Terrified by the creepy blood stained lab equipments, instinct tells you to escape. But you have to explore first before you can get out of there.

Deaths Embrace Escape walkthrough help.

This game is played entirely by mouse but that doesn't mean you will be relaxed all the way. There's plenty of puzzles to solve in there and some spirit that will occasionally interrupt you. Meanwhile, here is Deaths Embrace Escape walkthrough showing to help you out complete the game.

Lab Of The Dead walkthrough

Lab Of The Dead is a new point and click medical experiment simulation zombie game from evil dog. Take on the role of a scientist trying to figure out what makes these walking dead tick. You will have to experiment with them to explore the full spectrum of the zombie brain and gradually discover the truth about the zombie outbreak.

Lab Of The Dead walkthrough cheats.

Main features of this game are a dozen zombie types to experiment with, over 60 weapons, objects and food to play with and use to discover over 250 reactions of the zombies, and lastly over 40 achievements to complete. It's another interesting original concept though it does not offer the classic blast that zombie to oblivion while they try to eat your brain kind of gameplay. Meanwhile, here is a collection of videos for the sake of Lab Of The Dead walkthrough showing the game in action.

Bunny Flags 2 walkthrough

Bunny Flags 2 is a new mix of tower defense and tap down shooter game from gamelaunchproject. We have intercepted an intel report that handies forces have gathered around Bully Madison, Orga Grump and Creepy Simon's houses and they need you again to be the hero. It is said that there are over 12 different kind of enemies that can be found within those walls, stickies, hadukens, tanks among others. So the bunnies were compelled to form a team of 5 cuddly bunnies to initiate an attack on the handies uprising.

Bunny Flags 2 walkthrough cheats.

It features 5 classes, each with different abilities, 13 weapons and 11 equipments to arm yourself. There is also a talent tree where you can customize your attributes if you earn enough points. It offers a pretty lengthy hours of gameplay that will surely keep you busy for quite long and most likely prevent you from getting any work done for at least the whole afternoon. Meanwhile, for the sake of Bunny Flags 2 walkthrough I am gathering some videos that shows the different levels played.

Cowlorful walkthrough

Cowlorful is another new platformer adventure game from Jimp and Grindhead. Take on the role of a little bull who one day suddenly felt not very happy and totally bored. The world he lives in is gray and boring so one day he decided to go on an adventure to find happiness and to fill some color to his world.

Cowlorful walkthrough.

This game has 19 levels waiting there to be explored, 15 achievements to unlock, 40 hats to buy and some hidden areas as well not to mention a special secret cow power to unlock when you collect all 10 golden udders. So I think that's enough task to keep us all busy for a while. Meanwhile, here is a Cowlorful walkthrough showing all levels with all udders 100, percent colors and coin completed.

Undead Throne walkthrough

Undead Throne is a new hack and slash action adventure zombie game from evilspacechicken. Fight your way through the draconian continent using different weapons, spells, creatures and other powerful items. It features more than 100 unique creatures ranging from humans to giant insects to huge dragons. Gear up your warrior with item sets by farming levels or by forging. There are 29 different abilities and spells that you can unlock.

Undead Throne walkthrough.

This game offers quite a lengthy action packed gameplay that will most likely prevent you again from getting any work done today. Meanwhile, for the sake of Undead Throne walkthrough I will be collecting videos and have them here when they become available.

Jacko In Hell cheats walkthrough

Jacko In Hell is a new Halloween themed addicting adventure game from gamesfree. Take on the role of a human pumpkin and find the final element that will wake the spirit of Halloween. To do that, you will have to complete quests and find other valuable items.

Jacko In Hell cheats walkthrough.

This game features simple but neat graphics, animation and totally addicitng gameplay. It's very entertaining and has some dark concept perfect for the coming Halloween. Meanwhile, here is Jacko In Hell cheats walkthrough (list of codes and video).
6032 for grayscale mode.
3842 to enable all skills.
4145 to have all doors opened.
5510 for low gravity.

Pumpkin Remover 3 walkthrough

Pumpkin Remover 3 is a new point and click Halloween themed physics game from Gaz Thomas. This is the third in this popular game series but if you are not familiar with the game, this is where your objective is to remove rotten pumpkins as you save the fresh ones. Anyway, the tutorial at the beginning will teach you all you need to learn.

Pumpkin Remover 3 walkthrough.

Like it's predecessors, this one is quite entertaining and also a bit of a challenge at the same time. Meanwhile, if you are trying to beat this game but having a hard time doing so, here is a Pumpkin Remover 3 walkthrough I found showing all solution.

Waterfalls 3 walkthrough

Waterfalls 3 is another new point and click puzzle game coming out on flashgamenexus. Your goal in this game is to redirect the current of the flowing fluid to the corresponding container. You are given specific tools to use in each level.

Waterfalls 3 walkthrough.

While the game's abience and context is soothing and relaxing it can also be a bit of a challenge at some point. Let's just wait and experience for ourselves when it comes out. Meanwhile, if you already played this one and having trouble beating it, here is a Waterfalls 3 walkthrough showing the solution for its 28 levels.

Cardinal Quest walkthrough

Cardinal Quest is a new old school inspired arcade style dungeon crawler game from Ido Yehieli. You are to choose your champion from three types of characters namely fighter, thief and wizard each with different attributes and abilities, then crawl your way through a dangerous dungeons filled with enemies and traps to beat the last boss which is the evil minotaur.

Cardinal Quest walkthrough.

This game is played by WASD or arrow keys to move, enter to go down the stairs and mouse for accessing your inventory, character screens and map and spell casting. Your character attacks automatically upon contact with an enemy. Meanwhile, here is Cardinal Quest walkthrough showing portions of the game with some commentary.

The Honeymoon Is Over walkthrough

The Honeymoon Is Over is another puzzle point and click escape game from timefall. After enjoying a nice long week of your honeymoon, you found yourself stuck in your hotel suite. And like any other normal person who got stuck in one place, you want to escape and just go home. So what you have to do is look around, find tools that can be useful and figure out how to end this honeymoon turned to nightmare.

The Honeymoon Is Over walkthrough.

It features realistic photographs and some challenging puzzles to solve so this should get you busy for a while. Meanwhile, here is The Honey Is Over walkthrough showing the solution for those stuck up players.

Vehicles 2 walkthrough

Vehicles 2 is a new point and click physics game on notdoppler. Your objective is to clear bad vehicles off each level then get to the corresponding destination. Take control of different vehicles from police cars to ambulance and fire truck. Each municipal vehicle has their own unique abilities that you can use to your advantage.

Vehicles 2 walkthrough.

It features 40 levels with progressing degree of difficulty. The physics aspect is great and the gameplay is quite addictive at the same time challenging. Meanwhile, here is Vehicles 2 walkthrough showing all levels completed.

Scribblenauts Remix walkthrough (iphone, ipod touch, ipad)

Scribblenauts Remix is a new puzzle iphone game developed by 5th cell Media and Iron Galaxy Studios. The award winning and best selling video game now comes to the iphone, ipod touch and ipad. Help Maxwell get the starite by creating any object, spawning it to life and using it to solve the challenge in each level. It's time for your imagination to run wild in this groundbreaking puzzle game.

Scribblenauts Remix walkthrough for iphone, ipod touch, ipad.

The rule is simple; if you can think it, you can create it. Totally amazing and awesome - bound to top the charts with its brand new levels exclusive to ios devices and unlimited fun and creativity it offers in the Playground mode. Meanwhile, here is a collection of Scribblenauts Remix walkthrough showing different levels played.

A Game About Game Literacy walkthrough

A Game About Game Literacy is a new platformer puzzle game from Damian Sommer. It's a minimalist pixel platforming game where you run, jump and double jump your way to the end of each level. You have to act fast and think quick because there is a time limit.

A Game About Game Literacy walkthrough.

This game is played with left and right arrows to move, up to jump and if you made a mistake, you can hold down to self destruct and restart the level. It's fun but kinda short - makes me crave for more levels. Meanwhile, there's A Game About Game Literacy walkthrough which shows game completion.

Steamlands Player Pack walkthrough

Steamlands Player Pack is another new real time strategy action game from nitrome. Actually, it's an expansion for the popular steamlands game where you dominate a world of steampunks and turn your enemies into rubble. This expansion offers new levels, weapons and bosses to defeat.

Steamlands Player Pack walkthrough.

While the original game is enough to get you occupied for quite a long while with it's nitromish graphics, animation and awesome fun, the expansion will give you an extension of all that. Meanwhile, here are some Steamlands Player Pack walkthrough showing different levels played.

Cut And Kill Halloween walkthrough

Cut And Kill Halloween is a new point and click physics game from Mark Dolbyrev. This another Halloween themed puzzler where your objective is to save the world from dark and bad monsters. Cut wood and take down monsters in 36 mystical levels.

Cut And Kill Halloween walkthrough.

This game is played by pressing the mouse button then dragging it to cut anywhere in the screen. The catch is you have a limit of cuts per level and there are some objects that you cannot cut so you have to do some thinking before slashing. If you want more challenge you can go for the three pumpkin rating or do the achievements. Meanwhile, we found this Cut And Kill Halloween walkthrough showing all 36 levels beaten.

Haunted Manor Escape walkthrough

Haunted Manor Escape is another Halloween themed horror point and click puzzle game from giantfoxgames. It's a room escape game where your objective is to find the exit while you unravel the mystery surrounding the strange manor that you, one day, just woke up in alone. It features high detailed graphics and ample supply of spookiness perfect for the coming Halloween.

Haunted Manor Escape walkthrough.

This game is played only by mouse. Some objects in that you will pick up can be combined with another item by draging them to together in your inventory. It's quite challenging and kinda scary. Meanwhile, check the Haunted Manor Escape walkthrough showing the solution if you got stuck.

Kit And The Octopod walkthrough

Kit And The Octopod is a new platformer adventure game from jayarmstornggames. This is a game where your objective is to help your new found friend rescue the girl of his dreams from the clutches of the evil bad mood bear.

Kit And The Octopod walkthrough.

The game is played using directional keys to move, if you hold up key you can do a wall run, tap A key to kick and punch, attack plus up key equals hit upwards, S to jump, D to throw your octopod friend and D plus up to throw him upwards. Meanwhile, we gathered some videos of Kit and The Octopod walkthrough showing the game being played.

Click Death Motel walkthrough

Click Death Motel is a new point and click stick men game from bored. If you are not familiar with ClickDEATH series, this is a game where your objective is to create a bloody mess of stick men and this time while they are staying at the local inn. But there is one rule; don't let one see another one die.

Click Death Motel walkthrough.

It's a short, simple little puzzle game but also quite challenging. Figuring out how to cause accidents to these stickmen may require cleverness. Meanwhile, the Click Death Motel walkthrough shows the solution to game.

One And One Story walkthrough

One And One Story is a new platformer adventure game from matx. It's a story of a boy and a girl about their love, pain and life. Also it is about jumping, pushing blocks and overcoming obstacles like spikes and gaps that hinders your love.

One And One Story walkthrough.

We've seen other games that has a gameplay like of this one but it's still entertaining and the plot is somewhat unique. Meanwhile, we found a One And One Story walkthrough showing both the story (all chapters) and bonus mode beaten.

Smurphin For Brooklyn cheats

Smurphin For Brooklyn is another action shooting game from gamesfree. This is where you take on the role of a smurph gangster who has had enough and only wants vengeance. Now get into the action and start blasting and earn cash so you can buy more efficient weapons.

smurphin For Brooklyn cheats.

It's no doubt another fun and great time waster for everyone. Meanwhile, we have here a list of Smurphin For Brooklyn cheats you can enter into the game:
322 for invincibility
716 for fast fire
501 for machine gun
846 for no reload
111 to play as mini smurph
666 for lalalalala
274 for mass smurph obliteration

Droplem walkthrough

Droplem is another new point and click physics based puzzle game on from addictinggames. Your objective is to drop the required amount of objects off the screen by wisely cutting them to pieces. The catch is there is a limit of how many cuts you can do in each level. You can cut a lot of things in but you can never cut concrete objects.

Droplem walkthrough.

It has simple but neat graphics and animation and the levels are progressively challenging as you go through three set of level packs. If you seek more challenge you can go for the 3 star rating. Meanwhile, the Droplem walkthrough showing different levels beaten with three stars.

Concerned Joe walkthrough

Concerned Joe is another new platformer puzzle game from 4urentertainment. You play as Joe who is concerned about his health - you have been infected by a disease that makes you die whenever you stop moving unless you are standing on a green health block. It has 20 unique levels where you must solve puzzles, activate switches and push boxes while being guided and occasionally mocked by your creator.

Concerned Joe walkthrough.

This is no doubt one of those games that requires a lot of focus and patience in order to be accomplished. It's really challenging but if it's not enough for you then you should try minigame or go for the medals. Meanwhile, I found a Concerned Joe walkthrough showing all 20 levels beaten.

Hoshi Saga 8 Dokuringo walkthrough

Hoshi Saga 8 Dokuringo is another new point and click puzzle riddle game from nekogames. If you are not familiar with the series, this is a game where your objective in each level is to find the star. Anyway, I think this one is way more difficult than the previous ones.

Hoshi Saga 8 Dokuringo walkthrough.

This is a good game to sharpen your wits and kill time with. Meanwhile, for those who got stuck at some point or specific levels, see Hoshi Saga 8 Dokuringo walkthrough showing all solution.

Cactus McCoy 2 walkthrough

Cactus Mccoy 2 The Ruins of Calavera is another new action adventure fighting platformer game from fliplinestudios. Once again, take on the role of the cursed cowboy turned to vengeful spikey green cactus man and hack n slash your way through vast western areas to retrieve the magical serpent blade kept in a mysterious vault in an ancient civilization called the Volados.

Cactus McCoy 2 walkthrough.

This game will consume as many hours of productivity as the previous one did. Trust me, it's that addicting and fun. The hunt for hidden treasures like golden chests and achievements just got even better on this one. Meanwhile, we are gathering videos for Cactus McCoy 2 walkthrough for the sake of every cowboy out there who needs help (this will be updated when new ones goes live).

Rebuild 2 walkthrough

Rebuild 2 is another new point and click resource management zombie survival simulation game from Sarah Northway. This is basically a strategy game where you must reclaim the city from zombie hordes while managing supplies, morale of your citizens and their housing. It features new buildings, characters, customizable survivors with skills and equipment plus all new hidden and different endings to discover.

Rebuild 2 walkthrough endings.

The plot has improved if compared with the original game. Meanwhile, we have here a Rebuild 2 walkthrough showing one of the endings - the one where the cure for zombiesm is discovered by the survivors through the secret research of a crazy doctor.

Epic War 5 Hells Gate walkthrough

Epic War 5 Hells Gate is the latest sequel in the EW series from Rudy Sudarto. For Thousands of years, the human race was ruled by the eternal queen Etheriea. All mythical beings, including humans pledged to serve the one true queen since time immemorial despite innumerable challenges by friends and foes alike. Her rule brought peace and order to the realm and terror to its enemies in the blighted wilds. But the hellsgate will soon open to end the world however, one human pledged that he will stop this doom.

Epic War 5 walkthrough.

It features three heroes namely Viegraf the Red, Queen Etheriea and Skull Knight each with different and unique stories, 70 skills, 30 accessories and 27 units. Engage in a great battle once again but this time through Hellsgate and end the world through 12 main stages, 5 trials and 8 extras for additional challenges. Meanwhile, we have here some Epic War 5 walkthrough showing bits of the action (updated when new videos goes live).

Arcuz 2 walkthrough

Arcuz 2 Dungeons is another new hack and slash rpg adventure game from funnaut. It's like a combined diablo and zelda game where everything gets awesome as you play. Take on the role of a little hero once again and this time explore the hazardous dungeon in the village of Arcuz.

Arcuz 2 walkthrough.

Retro console style graphics; check. Achievements; check. Magical spells and skills; check. Epic boss battles; check. Ample supply of awesomeness; check! Meanwhile, I will be collecting videos of Arcuz 2 Dungeons walkthrough which covers different chapters and paste them here (updated when new vids goes live).

Amy Autopsy walkthrough

Amy Autopsy is another point and click medical operation simulation game from spoofgames. Play as Doctor House and run an autopsy on a woman patient and determine the cause of death. You can use various tools such as scissors, scalpel and even an industrial saw.

Amy Autopsy walkthrough.

Well, it's an operation simulation spoof game that would kinda make you wonder what could be the real cause of death of this woman. Meanwhile, we found the Amy Autopsy walkthrough which shows the solutions.

Click Death Pumpkin Patch walkthrough

Click Death Pumpkin Patch is a new point and click Halloween themed puzzle stick game from bored. The stickmen families are taking a supposedly wonderful trip to the world's largest pumpkin for a fun filled patch picking day and some good old fashion outdoor fun. Your objective is not to join the joyful occasion but to wreak havoc on it. That is, of course, by killing all the stickmen and decorate the giant pumpkin with blood.

Click Death Pumpkin Patch walkthrough.

It's a short game and not so difficult like the previous CD games from bored but it's all good and fun nonetheless. Meanwhile, if you need help here is Click Death Pumpkin Patch walkthrough showing solution.

Aurora 2 walkthrough

Aurora 2 is a new point and click puzzle solving adventure game from pastel games. It's been a few months since the last events in red hill town. Time goes by so fast and just when you were short on money for rent and food, two fellows from the pinkerton agency showed up in your doorstep. Apparently, one of their agent, whose trace you found in red hill, disappeared. They offered you a job and that is to continue an investigation on Aurora's case.

Aurora 2 walkthrough.

There are four chapters in this lengthy and well crafted point and click adventure game that will keep you busy for quite a bit. Totally entertaining and a bit of a challenge. Meanwhile, for those stuck ups here is Aurora 2 walkthrough showing game solution.