Muu Just Another Day walkthrough

Muu Just Another Day walkthrough.
Muu Just Another Day is a new short platformer adventure game from miktar. The game is built around a character which I believe is cow or some animal that looks like a cow but can stand and walk on two feet. The game starts without a back-story other than the phrase "just another day" then you start walking and jumping til you are tricked into jumping down the first pitfall by the arrow pointing down. You respawn but from that moment on you promised to yourself that you will never follow the direction where arrows point ever.

Anyways, this game said to be the first flash game from its author but maybe he's a wizard of some sort because he just made a great game. The music in it is good too, perfect background for a bull that dies a lot lol. Meanwhile, I've searched for Muu Just Another Day walkthrough so you guys don't have to and found this.

Planet Blirp walkthrough

Planet Blirp walkthrough.Planet Blirp is a new run and gun action shooter game from helmetgames. Your objective in this game is to fight off waves of blue aliens on a planet where your spaceship crashed. The hilariously crafted story will unfold as you find your crew mates, fix your ship and return back to home planet Earth.

It features a classic space travelers-encounter with alien storyline with funny dialogues and a really engaging gun fight against blue aliens. The gameplay is really engaging in a way that you can't scratch your nose unless it's a dialogue scene. The game could have been totally fun if not for the graphical glitch it currently have - hope they fix it soon. Meanwhile, I've collected Planet Blirp walkthrough guide videos so you don't have to (you're welcome).

Flambo's Hot Mess walkthrough

Flambo's Hot Mess walkthrough.Flambos Hot Mess is a new platformer adventure time game from cartoonnetwork. If you like games in which you have to go from point A to point B, avoiding pitfalls and under time pressure then this game will charge up your fun if not rage meter. Your general objective is to get into the end of each level as you collect jelly beans. However, platforms will burn out when you touch them so you better hurry up or you might end up bathing in the deep ocean which is very bad for you because your are Flambo.

This game is nice, colorful and boy it gets hard when you get to higher levels. Planning your route though, may be the key to succeed in all levels. Meanwhile, here is Flambo's Hot Mess walkthrough guide for all 33 levels.

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2 walkthrough


Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2 walkthrough.Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2 is the new point and click puzzle game from pencilkids. Your objective is to make the little yellowish monkey happy by solving puzzles that includes finding hidden objects, shooting stuff and other things that you think would make a sad monkey smile. Just think cleverly and your should be able to make the little ape glad.

For those who don't know yet, this game is the sequel to the previous Monkey Go Happy Marathon game that was released in 2011 and now it just got better with brand new puzzles and levels. Meanwhile, here is Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2 walkthrough with the guide to solving all the levels in this game.

Cuboy Back to the Cubeture Era 2 walkthrough

Cuboy Back to the Cubeture Era 2 walkthrough.Cuboy Back To The Cubeture Era 2 is a new point and click adventure game from ediblecastle. Here in Back To The Cubeture 2, our cube hero Cuboy kicks off in ancient times. Boss is missing, the Evil Padrino is taking over and the lord of the underworld has stolen the time warper device. Guide Cuboy and once again, save the day for goodness' sake.

This game is played using the mouse clicks to control Cuboy and interact with people and objects in the game world. You will also use your keyboard in various minigames where the instructions will be given to as well. Meanwhile, here is Cuboy Back To The cubeture Era 2 walkthrough showing the game played.

Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough

Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough.
This Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough will guide us through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with some tips and strategy from an awesome player for this retro pixel platform adventure indie game from creator Buster. The game starts off with a little being in the middle of a castle only with a sword and helmet. There are a number of paths that you can explore while you battle creatures of the castle that are trying to take you down. More often you will find yourself in a dead end unless you find a key or a required item to pass through another area.

This game is surprisingly big in terms of the things to do and items hunting for its pretty small explorable map. There are at least 30 items to be found in your quest, a handful of keys required to open doors and  several side weapons to wield against enemies that are all over the place. There are also some epic boss battles here where the real challenges are. Meanwhile, here is the Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough with the game completion including the final boss.

Mission in Space The Lost Colony walkthrough

Mission in Space The Lost Colony walkthrough.
Mission in Space: The Lost Colony is a new strategy turn based tactical action game from stormalligator. This game is set in a mining colony in far from our galaxy called NC-721. Apparently, the colony hasn't shown any signs of life for about 6 weeks so troopers have been sent to investigate the situation and their first objective is to search for the logs of the science officer of the colony in question. The story follows your main character which is a lieutenant scout and 4 others (specialist, sergeant, medic and techie) which you will also take control of as the game progresses.

The enemy aliens in this tactical game have 6 MP and they use the ventilation grids to quickly move through the facility - it is wise to always have your troopers away from. If you want to play hard mode, you have to finish mission 12 to unlock it. About the graphics, I think it's pretty cool, simple and neat. The animation is great for a first game made by its authors. Its storyline is quite impressive and intense which is engaging the players.  Meanwhile, if you got stuck or having difficulties here is Mission in Space The Lost Colony walkthrough with the guide to beating its levels.

The Ballads of Reemus walkthrough

The Ballads of Reemus When the Bed Bites walkthrough.The Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites is a point and click adventure game from clickshakegames. Help Reemus and his companion bear Liam through quests in search of glory and a soft bed. This game features a full voice acting and it's not bad at all. There are a bunch of cut scenes too and the art style and animation just fits perfectly together. The Kingdom of Fredicus is such an interesting place - a fantastic world set in a very old time with modern pop culture humor in it.

Basically, it's just mouse that you need to play the game, just click around the game to interact with the objects in the environment. You have an inventory where you keep the items you gained - click the item to use it. Searching for a soft bed is no easy task even if you have a bear companion so here is The Ballads of Reemus walkthrough with the solution.

Bullet Time Ninja walkthrough

Bullet Time Ninja walkthrough.Bullet Time Ninja is an action platform pixel physics game from kwarp. You play here as an awesome ninja that has the power to slow down time like Max Payne but more fantastic because you can also dash through the air at supersonic speed. Using these abilities, conquer every challenge and collect all ancient scrolls or go for the achievements.

Control your little ninja with arrow keys for the movement while A key is for focus and S key is for jump or dash. When you hold the focus button, you enter bullet time. Dashing can be done only when mid air and the focus circle is more than two thirds full. There are 20 levels in this little game and I must say that it's pretty challenging. Meanwhile, here is Bullet Time Ninja walkthrough showing all the levels beaten.

Q Compressing The Heart walkthrough

Q Compressing The Heart walkthrough.
Q Compressing The Heart is another point and click puzzle adventure game from discofish. This game is built around a simple looking character, plain black with 2 arms, 2 legs and a pair of eyes who was one dark day woke up in a world he does not know. Figure out how to pass each scene by clicking at the right spot on the screen to make a chain of actions.

If you click on your character your soul comes out which you can use to reach high places and control other living creatures in the area. If you came here looking for the solution to the game, here is Q Compressing The Heart walkthrough that shows game completion.

Subtle Energy 2 walkthrough

Subtle Energy 2 walkthrough.Subtle Energy 2 is the new sequel to the amazing physics based color puzzle game from glagolev. It is the second part from its series and this time it has new challenging levels, smoother graphics and more relaxing music background. For those who are not familiar, in this game you need to mix colors and find the right path for energy flows using various elements like walls, teleports and diffusers.

While the gameplay of this one is pretty good the levels are now more complex and challenging compared to the original game. There are 25 levels in it including the tutorials that you better not skip if this is your first time playing it. Meanwhile, here is Subtle Energy 2 walkthrough for those who need it.

The Fisherman's Wrath walkthrough

The Fisherman's Wrath walkthrough.The Fisherman's Wrath is a new hilarious adventure game from enalpria entertainment. You play as the fisherman whose mission is to save the women and children of your village that were abducted by aliens and to be taken to their planet to be pets of their kids. It does not sound good so you have to find reflective emeralds scattered around - the only thing that can defeat the alien invaders. But gathering those shiny stones is no easy task because you will have to do extraordinary feats like dressing up like a fish or a tree as a disguise just to get pass the hazards.

You control your hero using directional keys on your keyboard for moving around while Z to stab, X to throw and C as action button. You can tailor your disguise inside your cave. This game is so hilariously fun although some actions are a little off like using the weapons, but don't worry, it doesn't spoil the game at all. Meanwhile, if you got really stuck view The Fisherman's Wrath walkthrough which shows how to beat the game.

NTCreature2 walkthrough

NTCreature 2 (two) is a new strategy tower defense game from the genius of ntfusion. This, my friends, is where you raise your creature namely spirit, dragon or undead and build defensive towers to protect it against enemies. There are a total of 28 creatures, 16 different game modes and 10 towers that you can build. Each of your creature has it's own unique abilities and attack.

If you finish the story levels with one race of creatures you can then use all characters of that race in the challenge mode. If you seek more challenge, you go for the medals and achievements that can be unlocked upon accomplishing ceratain feats. Meanwhile, to help those who need some sort of a guide here is NTCreature2 walkthrough showing epicness.

Paper Escape walkthrough

Paper Escape is a new minimalistic point and click puzzle game from rain-lens. If you are not familiar with this type of games, you play this by solving puzzles in it. There may be items around that you can pick up and use to solve certain scenarios in the game.

If you need help in finishing this game, you might want to check out this Paper Escape walkthrough which shows the entire solution to the game.

Tiny Cabin walkthrough

Tiny Cabin is a new point and click room escape game where your objective is to find a way out of the place where you are trapped. To succeed, you must find hidden items and solve several puzzles along the way.

If you got really stuck at some point and don't know what to do next, you can refer to the Tiny Cabin walkthrough as shown below this text for the solution.

Hands of War Tower Defense walkthrough

Hands of War Tower Defense is a strategy TD game from axisgames. Apparently, the power of the heart stone has mysteriously faded and the land of tempor lies broken from years of civil war. Your objective is to defend your nation against an invading forces of the enemy and unite the seven factions once again to fight by your side.

Hands of War Tower Defense walkthrough.

You can play this game entirely by mouse or you can use some handy dandy keyboard shortcuts for building structures or units. Meanwhile, let's collect some Hands of War Tower Defense walkthrough showing stragy guide for different levels.

Dangerous Treasures walkthrough

Dangerous Treasures walkthrough.
Dangerous Treasures is a new platformer puzzle adventure game from gamezhero. Explore ancient vaults containing great amounts of treasures but be careful not to fall for the dangers it also brings. There are pitfalls and other deadly traps out there but a courageous archaeologist like you knows no fear if it's for the sake of unraveling the secrets of the most mysterious places on Earth.

This game is played using the WASD keys on the keyboard for moving and jumping while the mouse button is for removing blocks. You have to collect all artifacts in a level to open the door that leads to the next stage. Meanwhile, here is Dangerous Treasures walkthrough for those who need help in finishing the game.

Wood Worker walkthrough

Wood Worker is a new drag and drop physics based puzzle game from airomagic. Your objective in this game is to place steel and wooden objects in the play field properly and keep them balanced for a few seconds to unlock the next level. Some levels requires the player to stack objects that will touch a hanging blue star in order to pass a level.

Wood Worker walkthrough.

This game is played entirely with mouse for dragging and dropping objects. The puzzle side seems to be mild to moderately complex and difficult. There are 40 levels in it that can push your thinking to the limit. Meanwhile, here is Wood Worker walkthrough showing the solution to it.

Eerie Asylum walkthrough

Eerie Asylum is a new room escape game from selfdefiant. Your mission is to explore an asylum that was shut down decades ago due to its severe conditions. As an individual who love to explore places that are dark, you decided to check out this eerie asylum but when you stepped inside, the door just shut down locking you inside. As if it was locked by some strange force. You now have to find a way out before it's too late.

Eerie Asylum walkthrough.

This game is played with mouse to make all actions and interact with objects and the environment. It might be scary for some of you so be sure to have the heart if you are going to play this game. Meanwhile, here is Eerie Asylum walkthrough showing the solution for it.

Dustforce walkthrough

Dustforce is an acrobatic platformer game for PC and Mac OS from HitboxTeam. Unlike other speed centric games where you collect coins or rings along the way, here you sweep dusts and clutter like leaves, chemicals among others. You do those things the awesome way like a ninja whose specialty and attributes are built around the janitorial skill tree. This game features four characters that you can play as, some of them having some tweaks in their abilities such as triple jump instead of regular double, that gives the player a different gameplay experience.

Dustforce walkthrough.

Chores that involves brooms, dusters or vacuum cleaners may suck in real life but here in Dustforce it is total awesomeness. You can also engage in a local multiplayer if your brothers or sisters also do not want to do sweeping chores in real life. This game is very simple but surprisingly fun. Meanwhile, here is Dustforce walkthrough showing some levels played and completed (also shows some silver and gold key levels, SS ranks, etc - will update when new videos goes live).

Civilizations Wars Ice Legend walkthrough

Civilizations Wars Ice Legend is a new real time strategy game from tjcarlos. Choose one of four races and lead your people through hazard snow of North Pole to discover what really happened there. Battle through over 90 levels, capture a variety of buildings across three types in 9 game modes. You can learn 18 skills, cast 10 spells and get to defeat huge monsters but if you seek more challenge you can go for 100 achievements.

Civilizations Wars Ice Legend walkthrough.

This game is controlled with mouse for doing all actions and numbers 1 to 0 for spell shortcuts. To select a building, you must click and hold your mouse over the building that you want to select. You can multiple select buildings of up to 15. The art style and graphics is great and the animation is fine. Gameplay is quite addicting so prepared to be occupied for a while if you are going to try this game. Meanwhile, here is Civilizations Wars Ice Legend walkthrough which shows some action.

League of Chaos walkthrough

League of Chaos walkthrough.Leauge of Chaos is a side scrolling strategy defense shooter game from gamepirate. Your mission is to destroy the enemy bases by building an army of soldiers and dispatch them into the battlefield automatically while you take control of your hero you to fight through easy, medium and hard levels.

Timing and well management of your troops can be the key to an effective strategy. It's gameplay is not the first of its kind but it still pack a ton of action and entertainment that can prevent you from getting any work done today. Meanwhile, here is League of Chaos walkthrough showing how to beat the game.

Red Planet walkthrough

Red Planet walkthrough.
Red Planet is a new top down space shooter game from gamebuilder15. Your space craft crashed landed on a strange planet and there goes its inhabitants trying to eat you alive. Choose your class then go to an alien shooting frenzy with tons of weapons, items and perks to increase your firepower.

This game packs some mild to intense action gameplay with several boss battles to look forward to. The graphics are not a eye candy but it does not affect the amount of entertainment it gives at all. Meanwhile, here is Red Planet walkthrough beating the game and its bosses.

Battlefield Arena walkthrough

Battlefield Arena is a new tower defense strategy game from smallfarm. Lately has been discovered an area rich in resources at the center of the continent. Nations with huge military power scrambles over the area to wage war on each other to determine who takes control of the disputed area. Play as one of the warring nation and build your forces to defeat your enemies with military might. Create factories and buildings to produce units then attack the enemy when your army is large enough.

Battlefield Arena walkthrough.

This features a strategy and resource management driven gameplay with interesting units which is key to a good strategy. Meanwhile, here is Battlefield Arena walkthrough showing different areas cleared.

House Of Anubis The Secrets Within walkthrough

House of Anubis The Secrets Within is an exploration game from nick. Nina is back from the states and is eager to pick up where she left off with her new friends. She thought that she can leave the dark mysteries behind but then again she is wrong. The mysterious house is awakening once more and this time there's a restless spirit involved. Help the students overcome the obstacles and figure out what lies beneath the mysterious house of Anubis before it ends up in situation you will all regret.

House Of Anubis The Secrets Within walkthrough.

This game features very neat nice graphics and animation. The sound effects and background music also fits to the game's concept. The gameplay is all about exploring and unraveling the mysteries of the house. This one is really a very engaging game with interesting story and characters namely, Mick, Fabian, Patricia, Jerome, Nina, Amber, Alfie and Mara. Meanwhile, here is a series of (HOATSW) House of Anubis The Secrets Within walkthrough guide giving us tips and hints how to finish the game (includes the owls, clues, yoyo weapon, the cup of Ankh, defeating Rufus).

Saloon Brawl walkthrough

Saloon Brawl walkthrough.
Saloon Brawl is a new beat em up wild west themed brawler game from miniclip. This is survival of fittest where you join in a crazy brawl and must defeat all other cowboys to emerge as the sole survivor in each level. Throw punches, grab foes, throw objects and perform special attacks against everybody even the pianist.

This game as a whole is totally addicting from the music background and animation to the gameplay. A battle that is like a royal rumble but wild west style and has a hailstorm of bottles, tables and chairs. Meanwhile, here is Saloon Brawl walkthrough showing full game beaten down to the final boss.

Escape Into The Open Air Hot Spring

Escape Into The Open Air Hot Spring walkthrough: a game by tesshi-e.Escape Into The Open Air Hot Spring is a new point and click room escaping game from tesshi-e. You are trapped in a room and you need to escape from it by finding items and using them properly in order to solve puzzles that you will encounter as you search for a way out.

This game has some really neat realistic graphics and a fairly to moderately difficult to solve puzzles in it. Meanwhile, here is Escape Into The Open Air Hot Spring walkthrough and guide showing the solution.

The Last Stand 4 Dead Zone Announced (trailer)

The Last Stand 4 Dead Zone: A game by ConArtist announced.
The Last Stand 4: The Dead Zone is officially announced by a ConArtistGames. Along with the announcement of the coming sequel of one of the most popular zombie shooter flash game series is a teaser trailer showing bits of gameplay showing somewhat a multiplayer cooperative play.

In the last episode of the series which was The Last Stand Union City the gameplay was kind of an RPG style where you had to travel through different areas of the city and escape from there. On the other hand, this coming episode looks much more different as shown in The Last Stand 4 Dead Zone trailer.

Artistic Room Escape walkthrough

Artistic Room Escape walkthrough.Artistic Room Escape is a new point and click puzzle game from games2rule. Apparently, you are trapped inside a somewhat artsy room without realizing whatever is the reason for being there all alone. You wander around and find a way out using your wits and the many useful items that you will find as you explore the room. You will also find hints in there so keep your eyes peeled.

This is another simple but challenging escape game with minimalist graphics. Some of the puzzles are actually really difficult to solve so here is Artistic Room Escape walkthrough guide showing solution to the game.

The Time Capsule walkthrough

The Time Capsule walkthrough guide.
The Time Capsule is another new point and click puzzle escape game from gotmail. It takes place in a single room without a narrative that could give an explanation as to how you end up there or give you even a single clue as to how you can get out of there but the simple fact that you are stuck and you need to find a way out is the real challenge.

This game lacks some story but its gameplay itself is enough to keep you playing until you finish or give up your pixel hunting. If you are not ready to give up on this one and just want to rest for a while and come back when you're ready, you can always rely on the handy save feature. But if you are really stuck, here is The Time Capsule walkthrough and guide giving the solution.

Hit The Troll walkthrough

Hit The Troll is a new physics based point and click game from godvilgames. Your goal in this game is to clear all the levels from the trolls using the abilities of three heroes at your disposal. Each of them has its own characteristics and abilities that you can use to your advantage but you have to use them wisely in order to succeed.

Hit The Troll walkthrough.

It features 20 levels with unique and challenging physics puzzles that will put your skills and wits to test. Hitting trolls is no easy task so if you got stuck at some point of the game here is Hit The Troll walkthrough guide showing solution.

Musaic Box walkthrough (all songs solved)

Musaic Box walkthrough.Musaic Box is a point and click hidden object music driven puzzle game from elitegames. Find musical pieces around your grandpa's room and put them together to recreate masterpieces from various artists.

This game features great classical songs and challenging puzzles even for musicians. It has a very unique gameplay that will probably take you away for hours. Meanwhile, here is Musaic Box walkthrough showing the songs solved (includes: In the Hall of The Mountain King, Good Morning To All, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Yankee Doodle, Czardas, Aloutte, Aloha Oe, My Bonnie Lays Over The Ocean, Old McDonald, Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, When The Saints Go Marching In, The Blue Danube, Go Down Moses, Symphony 40 in G Minor, The Barber of Seville, Dance of 4 Little Swans, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Badinerie From French Suite no 2, Buffalo Gals, Fly Away on the Wings of a Wind, William Tell Overture, The Entertainer, Fur Elise, Toreador, Auld Lang Syne and Ode To Joy).

Awesome Tanks walkthrough

Awesome Tanks walkthrough.Awesome Tanks is a new top down shooter action game from Alexander Gette. This is where you engage enemy tanks with your own through 15 different battle fields. Collect coins from exploded enemy tanks or from bonus crates and use them to upgrade your weapons, armor and speed to be more cunning.

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your tank and mouse for aiming and firing. Q and E keys are for switching weapons. This game offers simple but smooth graphics and animation plus the fast paced addicting gameplay that can occupy you for hours. Meanwhile, here is Awesome Tanks walkthrough showing some action.

Shadowess walkthrough

Shadowess walkthrough.
Shadowess is a new platformer skill based puzzle game from playchilla. You are a smiley whose smile was stolen and to take it back you must go through 30 super difficult levels filled with bright orbs that will eat you on sight. So you have to stay in the shadows, be quiet and get to the exit to advance to the next level.

This game is played using arrow keys on the keyboard and sometimes mouse to throw pebbles. This is a well thought out game with some levels extremely difficult but not impossible to solve. Meanwhile, let's collect Shadowess walkthrough and level guide and put them here (updated when new videos goes live).

Let It Glow 2 walkthrough

Let It Glow 2 walkthrough.Let It Glow 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzler game created by Vyacheslav Stepanov and sponsored by teagames. In this game, your objective is to link energy sources to the bulb to light it up. You can do this by strategically taking away wooden platforms from the playing field to make the power transmitter move closer to the light bulb.

This game features good physics puzzles across 20 unique levels that are quite challenging. The art style is simple and the animation is smooth. Power light bulbs by tossing around transmitter is no easy task so here is Let It Glow 2 walkthrough guide to help you clear all levels in this game.

Abobo's Big Adventure ending

Abobo's Big Adventure ending.I've been playing Abobo's Big Adventure and managed to beat in two sittings but unfortunately, due to the game being really engaging, I forgot to record it so that's why I don't have proof that I really did finished this epic Nes tribute.

Anyway, for those who want to know what happens when you get to Abobo's Big Adventure ending here is a video showing the last sequence and final boss battle from some other player.

Detective Story Murder Escape walkthrough

Detective Story Murder Escape walkthrough.Detective Story Murder Escape is a new point and click puzzle game from bored. You are investigating a murder case as you work in the city of New York. Use your magnifying glass and other items to find clues and get a lead to your investigation.

This game features neat graphics, interesting scenarios and challenging puzzles. Even the seasoned escape gamers will take sometime to solve this one. Meanwhile, here is Detective Story Murder Escape walkthrough video guide showing the game beaten.

Rolling Fall 2 walkthrough

Rolling Fall 2 walkthrough.Rolling Fall 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle zombie game from mibix. Your objective is to topple down zombies by cutting the chains holding iron balls. You must be careful not to hurt the good guys in some levels or you will fail.

This game packs a total of 70 levels presenting unique physics puzzles. As you go further you will be faced with more difficult levels. Timing is key to success in this game. Meanwhile, here is Rolling Fall 2 walkthrough video guide showing levels cleared.

Wake Up Asterix and Obelix walkthrough

Wake Up Asterix and Obelix walkthrough.Wake Up Asterix and Obelix is a new point and click physics based game from 4v4. Your objective is to wake two sleeping dudes by toppling them from the platforms they are stepping on. You can do this by attaching available objects with different shapes together or you can just make contraptions in some levels work.

This game packs a dozen levels where you can test your physics skills. Meanwhile, here is Wake Up Asterix and Obelix walkthrough video guide showing solution to the game.

Deadly Venom 3 walkthrough

Deadly Venom 3 walkthrough.Deadly Venom 3 is a new point and click action game from gamesfree. This is where you play as the renegade stealth assassin who is back to take down the evil empire that is creating mutant weapons. The story basically takes over where the first game left off wherein the main character discovered a strange being and intel on world domination.

This one features new stealth attacks, a more suspenseful atmosphere, better graphics and animation and new costumes to be unlocked. Meanwhile, here is Deadly Venom 3 walkthrough showing the game cleared.

Deadly Venom 3 cheats

Deadly Venom 3 cheats.
If you are playing Deadly Venom 3 and having a hard time trying to beat it's awesomeness, well here are something that might help you out. The game in question is not only an eye candy but it's fairly difficult to beat too. Sometimes, you wish the guards can't see you or you can run faster so that you can go for the kill flawlessly.

Anyways, without further ado, here is a list of codes that you can enter to the game.
Invisibility: 4060
Run faster: 5305
Infinite knives & tranquilizers : 7950
All suits unlocked : 5922

Here is how you enter the Deadly Venom 3 cheats into the game's menu.

Abobo's Big Adventure walkthrough

Abobo's Big Adventure walkthrough.
Abobo's Big Adventure is the game of the century according to its presenter and creators namely, The Pox Box, I-mockery and Presto Force. This is the ultimate tribute to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games - a mega 8-bit parody game that is made by fans for the fans. The protagonist in this game is no other than Abobo, probably the most angriest character in the known universe of NES. Apparently, there is a story behind that angry face and that is having his son, Aboboy kidnapped by other villains. Now it's up to you to help him fight his way through some of the greatest NES games of all time, meeting familiar characters that will surely take you on a trip down the memory lane.

This game features nostalgic super retro levels, artwork, cut scenes, new rage moves on each level and epic boss battles. If you are clever enough, you might find some secrets and unlock all 100 medals. Meanwhile, here is Abobo's Big Adventure walkthrough showing the game being played.

The Wok walkthrough

The Wok walkthrough.
The Wok is another puzzle point and click game from begamer. This game is built a powerful and mysterious wok which fell from the sky down to the ground to become a precious possession of a small village. But it was stolen so a hero must go on a quest to get it back using his wits to navigate past hungry beasts and deadly traps among other obstacles.

Trying to retrieve a mystical cookware is no easy task for one has to have what it takes to be savior of the Wok. Meanwhile, here is The Wok walkthrough video guide showing solution to the game.

Shadow Regiment walkthrough

Shadow Regiment walkthrough.Shadow Regiment is a new top down infiltration game from spacecatstudios. Your objective is simple, get in, plant the bomb and get out, without being killed of course. There are four unique classes you can choose from namely Burglar, Fanatic, Infiltrator and a secret class which you can only unlock if you are able to beat all 18 levels.

Infiltrating deep into enemy strongholds and blowing their supplies is not an easy task. Make good use of each of the four classes' unique abilities to your advantage. There are also 20 achievement s to unlock if for those who seek more challenge. Meanwhile, here is Shadow Regiment walkthrough showing levels beaten using all classes.

My Dear Boss walkthrough

My Dear Boss walkthrough.My Dear Boss is a new point and click launch game from origaming. You have a hard time your boss, he is driving you crazy that is why decided to kick him out to oblivion. Your goal is to launch the boss as far as you can by upgrading your kicking power.

It features a fun and addicting gameplay pack with many crazy upgrades. The gameplay is not the first of it's kind but it can still hold on its own. Really great if you are having a hard time with your real life boss. Meanwhile, here is My Dear Boss walkthrough showing the game in action.

Midas walkthrough

Midas walkthrough.Midas is a new minimalist platformer puzzle game from wanderlands. It is consist of several tough platforming levels about the true weight of gold. It's surprisingly very good and unique for a game that was made in only 72 hours.

This game is controlled with arrow key for movement and r key to restart level. Your goal is to guide the king to the water so he can touch his princess and advance to the next stage. Meanwhile, here is Midas walkthrough showing the game being played and cleared.

Rew walkthrough

Rew walkthrough.Rew is a point and click puzzle game from begamer. The game is built around the main character, Rew, criminal. Analyze scenarios and click around to find items that may solve each scene. As you solve each screen, you will transported a few minutes back to the past and find clues to how things got to the current situation.

This game features a cool dark art style and simple animation. The story line keeps the player interested in finding out if the main character is a villain or a victim in this game. Meanwhile, here is Rew walkthrough video guide showing the solution to all scenes.

The Ocean Around Me Week Two Walkthrough

The Ocean Around Me Week Two walkthrough.The Ocean Around Me Week Two is a new point and click island escape puzzle game from moshdef. It's the second week of you being stranded in a lonely island. You can't help but to continue your adventure and your descent into madness as you explore new areas of the mysterious island and try to open that locked door.

It has simple drawings, simple gameplay but kind of a hard to crack puzzles in it. Plus the story is interesting enough to keep you trying to solve the game. Meanwhile, here is The Ocean Around Me Week Two walkthrough showing the game beaten.

Poptropica Ghost Story Island walkthrough

Poptropica Ghost Story Island is a new platformer adventure game from the world of poptropica. A mysterious island called Hemlock Harbor is a town that is said to be haunted by spirits, but no one knows who these restless spirits are, what they want or how to get rid of them. Your mission is to uncover the mystery of Hemlock Harbor's ghost stories so that the spirits may finally rest.

Poptropica Ghost Story Island walkthrough.

Featuring splendid art style, animation and puzzles together with an interesting spooky plot, this game is bound to occupy you for quite a while. Meanwhile, here is Poptropica Ghost Story Island walkthrough cheats and secrets.