Combat Hero walkthrough

Combat Hero is a new intense arena action shooter game from Jayarmstronggames. It offers break neck action gun fighting at its most fun. A story mode with 18 levels and 17 cut scenes with hilarious dialogues from funny and cartoony characters. In the campaign mode, you play as Max who set on an adventure to avenge the death of his family. There 6 game modes in the game such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, control point, deathmatch and elimination. There are also a lot of guns to unlock plus medals and achievements for those who wants more challenge.

Combat Hero walkthrough.

Well, I love the game and I've already beaten the story mode and I it got me really entertained. This is not the first on its style and genre but it has its own fun and action to offer. Anyways, I am gathering videos of Combat Hero walkthrough and will have them posted here.

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