Click Death walkthrough

Click Death is a new point and click stick figure animation game from bored. In this game, your objective is to eliminate all office workers, security guards and the worst of the worst (according to bored) the manager. The game is from the same creator of the hit game Causality so that means the same rule also applies here which is to click on the right spot at the right time to cause mayhem. But don't let one stick guy see another one die or you lose.

Click Death walkthrough.

This is not the first on its genre but I got a feeling that it would still rock. Definitely another new series to watch out from bored. In case you got stuck at some point and failed to see that walkthrough button just above the game screen, here is Click Death walkthrough showing the game solution.

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  1. awesome walkthrough, helped me get through this really frustrating game. I love playing stick games, but clickdeath is really difficult trial and error that it would have probably taken me a year and thousands of tries to get it perfectly. The timing along is very challenging. If you want to play clickdeath check out, here's the link


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