The Adventures Of Dear Explorer walkthrough

The Adventures of Dear Explorer is a new tap down shooter adventure game from vortix game studios. This is a game where you as an ordinary high school student whose cheerleader girlfriend has been kidnapped by a dark figure and held her captive deep in a mysterious cave. It's up to you to rescue your sweet cheerleader with the aid of your dad's enormous shotgun and righteous smite power. Argh.. It was a fine night with your girl and you're just about to strike home run with her and suddenly that black figure stole her from you. Go on tiger and save her from the clasp of that scary looking antagonist!

The Adventures Of Dear Explorer walkthrough.

The game is a retro style tap down shooter that we all love. Shoot your way through slugs, zombies and mother slugs and a host of other creatures as you search for your sweet love. There are lots of achievements including finding all T-shirts throughout the game and finding secret walls. Anyways, I'll be collecting videos of The Adventures Of Dear Explorer walkthrough and will have them gathered here.

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