Lazors Tinier walkthrough

Lazors Tinier walkthrough.Lazors Tinier among with other new set of levels are the new additions to this challenging puzzle game about reflecting rays of light by pyrosphere. It's a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors which offers hundreds of levels that present unique puzzle that teases the brain. It has intuitive gameplay a hint system if you feel you cannot solve a level on your own and game center achievements. The goal in the game is to hit all targets by moving blocks and reflecting laser beams.

Now let us solve this game for you! These images here is just to give you an idea what should the final blocks arrangement look like.

We have 9 solved levels (because you probably already figured level 1 out yourself) for Lazors Tinier walkthrough which comes in the form of images revealing the right arrangements and positions to meet the goal.

Rokilot Walkthrough Boss Battle

Rokilot walkthroughRokilot: The New World is another top down sci-fi shooter game from witus. In this game you are a heavy armed trooper on a mission to eliminate enemies across 20 challenging levels and an alien wizard boss. Yes, that villain looked like an alien and a wizard that should be stopped from doing stuff that will probably be evil.

In this gameplay video, I will show you the final boss battle in which of course I won. Without further ado here is Rokilot walkthrough showing a strategy to beat the last stage.

Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough

Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough.Obama Crazy Escape is point and click puzzle adventure game from inkagames. In this game, you play as the president who has gone into an unknown place where minotaurs and ogres resides. Think outside the box, very far outside the box to solve the puzzles in this game. Avoid getting choked by baddies and outsmart them using the items that you pick up from the rooms.

Anyways, if you are stuck at some point of it which is probably most likely because you are here, you may refer to the Obama Crazy Escape walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Click Death Park walkthrough

Click Death Park walkthrough.
Click Death Park is another new point and click stick figure puzzle game from bored. This is one of the newest in the series of mayhem causing stick game but this time the setting is a peaceful park. A perfect place for barbecues, picnic, recreation and blood. Like any other ClickDeath games, this one tend to be challenging but nothing is impossible for a clever evil mind and nothing is stopping you from delivering the poor stick men to their demise.

You will even use this Click Death Park walkthrough that I have prepared if need be.