Raid Mission walkthrough

Raid Mission is a new point and click turn based startegy shooting game from gamepirate. This is an action game where you lead a team of elite cops, James, Malcom, Brad and Victoria. They are highly trained police unit capable of all crime busting mission that involves shooting guns and throwing grenades. In each level you will encounter a number of baddies that you will have to outgun. There are also at least one mini boss in each mission.

Raid Mission walkthrough.

While this game's concept and format is great, due to its minimal graphical effects for a shooting game, you will quickly find its gameplay repetitive. On the other hand, the missions gets progressively challenging and that's one thing that gets me going. All in all, this game is a fun play and is something you would want to have a sequel. Anyways, I am following the Raid Mission walkthrough (will update when new videos are added).

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