Dominion walkthrough

Dominion is a new point and click strategy tower defense fantasy game from racoongames. You can now play this game on addictinggames and other flash portals. Its about a magician whose mission is to protect a castle from waves of incoming enemy. With the power of magical elements and archers, try to repel enemy armies away from the castle.

Dominion walkthrough.

The game is as simple as any other game in this same tower defense genre. You wisely buy upgrades to your attacks, gain level up points to spend them in upgrading your attributes mastering all the skills to beat enemies. Each enemy type has their own attributes and characteristics as well and you it's up to you to figure out their weaknesses. At first you may find the game a bit challenging but once you learned about each enemy types' weakness you'll easily win. Anyways, I will be collecting videos of Dominion walkthrough so expect them here when I got my hands on them.

Steampunk walkthrough

Steampunk is a new point and click puzzle game coming out on armorgames. You have to save the good hero by getting him to the safe ground. Click on objects to strategically remove them. You can remove all wooden blocks but metal blocks can't be destroyed. Finish a level with fewer clicks for better medal. You will know that you've beaten the level when the good hero flexes lol.

Steampunk walkthrough.

In some levels there will be other character, the bad guys, that you must knock off the game screen while you try to save the good hero. Balancing and right timing can be your best weapon to beating this game. Anyways, if you're here searching for some tips or perhaps a guide of some sort to help you beat all levels in this game, I've got you covered. I found this secret Steampunk walkthrough well hidden in some unlisted index of the web.

Jumping Box walkthrough

Jumping Box is new point and click physics based skill game from EugeneK. Throw, slide and whip the box emoticon to the goal point using physics precision and timing. There are 42 levels in this addictive game and as you progress you will be faced with more challenging levels to crack and more other characters you have to avoid.

Jumping Box walkthrough.

It features simple graphics, happy feeling music and awesome physics. Game addicts will definitely enjoy this one though some of you may find some of its levels very difficult but not impossible. So to help you out, here is a Jumping Box walkthrough I found so far.

Zombie Defense Agency walkthrough

Zombie Defense Agency is a new point and click strategy tower defense game from miniclip. The game is set in a zombie apocalyptic world. As almost all humans had turned to zombies, the need for zombie commodities i.e. brain of non-infected humans, rises. Starvation amongst the zombie populace is at an all time high and they now prospects your town for their next raid. It's now up to you, being the controller of the defense agency to feed them, but not with brains but with bullets.

Zombie Defense Agency walkthrough.

Like any other tower defense games you've played before, you must strategically place attack towers in order to overcome the waves of zombies. New towers and upgrades will be available as you progress. I love both tower defense games and zombie games so I commend miniclip for mixing them up. Keep it up guys. Anyways, in search for effective strategies to employ to this game, I looked up for some video materials hence the Zombie Defense Agency walkthrough showing all levels beaten by some awesome player.

Demologic walkthrough

Demologic is a new addictive point and click physics game from own3d. This is a game where you control a demolition truck equipped with a giant steel ball. Your goal is to make the two goal objects indicated by red lines touch each other.

Demologic walkthrough.

This one is quite simple but very addictive with its simple gameplay and fairly challenging levels. There are a total of 25 levels to beat in this game. If by chance you you got stuck and missed that in-game button for help, I got you covered - Demologic walkthrough right at the bottom of this entry.

Dream Chronicles The Book Of Water walkthrough

Dream Chronicles The Book of Water is a new point and click hidden object adventure game for PC. This game is basically a sequel to the Dream Chronicles series and this is where Lyra has found her way home only to find her little town devastated by a storm. This is the doing of course of an evil fairy queen of dreams in her greedy search of power. With her father gravely ill and incapacitated and her mother gone missing, Lyra must somehow find a way to break the terrible spell all over Wish.

Dream Chronicles The Book of Water walkthrough.

This game features good gameplay and fantastic graphics. On to the show.. If you have been playing this game for a while now and you keep getting dead stuck at some part of the game, you might wanna check some of the videos of Dream Chronicles The Book Of Water walkthrough I gathered.

Disco Cannon walkthrough

Disco Cannon is a new point and click physics based game from physicsgames24. You must get the party started by shooting discs to the DJ apparently hindered by various obstacles. Once you hit the target you will be rewarded by a scantily clad silhouette girl dancing to the tune of disco track and mirror ball.

Disco Cannon walkthrough.

This game features 28 levels. Beating each of them one after another while the difficulty increases as you progress is quite fun and yet challenging. Meanwhile, if you got stuck at some point of any levels, this Disco Cannon walkthrough should help you get through it.

Midnight Mysteries Devil On The Mississippi walkthrough

Midnight Mysteries Devil on the Mississippi is a new download-able PC game from Mumbo Jumbo. In this game, Mark Twain's ghost has come to you, not to haunt you but to seek help from you. When the passion of the once literary history enthusiast reignites a controversial debate about the real identity of Shakespeare, the age-old question resurrects one of the most evil interested parties. Twain sets about to get rid of his time of the darkness, but things only gets more complicated. Unravel the connections as you try to set history straight to its normal self in this hidden objects adventure puzzle game.

Midnight Mysteries Devil on the Mississippi walkthrough.

As always, games from Mumbo Jumbo are well done and if you have played some of their games in past you won't get disappointed here. The beautiful artwork and highly detailed, animated environment makes it a good experience. This collector's edition features, achievements, integrated guide, wallpapers and dem bones hunt. Anyways, if you came here for guide and tips to this game, the Midnight Mysteries Devil On The Mississippi walkthrough covers them (will update when new ones are available).

Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough

Wasted Youth is a new action adventure rpg game developed by GPStudios. This game is about a bully trying to dominate a whole new and larger environment, the st. Frost Academy. You are about to start the first day of term at your new home, a boarding school for slacker, troublemakers and idiots. You have been sent there after being expelled from your previous school.

Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough.

This game features a lengthy gameplay consisting of a total of 16 missions and a bunch of side missions so expect around 6 hours of play hours to get the 100 percent accomplishment. Now on to the show. First is the written version of Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough showing the guide how to finish all main missions and side missions (found via clicking the walkthrough button in game). Then later the guide for the side missions and piggymon cards.

MISSION 1: The First Meal

After speaking with Dave in the hall, head into the Cafeteria to start the first mission.
Once the cut-scene is over, head upwards towards the Dinner Lady.
Talk with her to receive a second helping of pudding, then head back to Eugene to complete the mission.

MISSION 2: Sickly Entrails

Head upstairs onto the second floor of the main school building.
Go west until you reach the mission marker and the group of students standing around a pile of vomit.
Dave tells you that the key to Mr Ross's cleaning supplies might have been swallowed by a frog, so head left and enter the Biology class room.
Walk up to the box of frogs and start the dissection mini game.
Use the mouse to cut the frogs open and keep searching till you find the key.
Once you have the key, go back to the group and hand it in to complete the mission.

MISSION 3: The First Night

Once the time changes to Night on the first day, this mission will begin.
Head north into the dormitory and then go upstairs to the recreation room to meet up with Dave.
After talking with Dave, go to the computer in the room and go through the computer tutorial.
Once you're done playing around, try to leave the room and choose the option to go to bed.
Head back downstairs and follow the marker to get to your bedroom.
Walk up to the marker at your bed and interact with it to go to bed and finish the mission.

MISSION 4: Bad Reputation

Go to the first floor of the library in the main school building and talk with Ulrika.
Leave the library and follow the marker to the lockers.
First talk with Nate, then go and talk with the group of boys in the corner.
Then go back and talk to Nate to get him to move away from his locker.
Once he has moved, interact with his locker to retrieve Ulrika's photo.
Follow the marker back to Ulrika and then talk with her to finish the mission.

MISSION 5: The Goth-Father

Go to the playground and talk with Xerxes just north of the hopscotch marker.
After the cut-scene is over Xerxes has given you the task of breaking into the staff room to steal staff records.
Head to the playground and interact with the open window shown below.

Climb in and you'll find yourself in the Maths room.
Head out into the corridor, head upstairs, and follow the minimap marker to the staff room.
Go to the top right of the room, and interact will all three file cabinets.
The cabinets are locked but you will pick up a new staff login for the computer systems.
Go to the computer and login with the new username and password.
Check through the new programs available to you, including the school database.
Log off and make sure to pick up the main building key on the table before you leave.
Now you will have easy access to the main building at night through the main doors.
Go back to Xerxes in the playground and talk with him to complete the mission.

MISSION 6: Defacing the King & Queen

Go to the Assembly Hall and talk with Quentin and Queenie to begin the mission.
You must search the main building for the 10 posters.

First Floor Posters:
Poster 1: Behind Quentin and Queenie in the Assembly Hall.
Poster 2: Top left corner of the Cafeteria.
Poster 3: Corridor directly outside the Assembly Hall and the Cafeteria.
Poster 4: Corridor to the right of the entrance to the Library.
Poster 5: To the right of the teacher's desk in the Geography room.

Second Floor Posters:
Poster 1: Corridor just outside the Chemistry room.
Poster 2: Top left corner of the Biology room.
Poster 3: Top middle of the I.T. room.
Poster 4: Corridor just outside if the entrance to the Girl's toilets.
Poster 5: Bottom left corner in the Sick Bay.

Once you've collect all 10 posters, head back down to the Assembly Hall on the first floor.
Talk with Quentin and Queenie to complete the mission.

MISSION 7: Parting Words of a Goth

Go to the playground and talk with Dave to start the mission.
After the cut-scene interact with the keypad in the wall to start the mini game.

Once you've beaten the mini game and watch a cut-scene the mission is over.

MISSION 8: Lost and Found

Go to the main entrance just below the fountain and talk to one of the three girls standing together.
You have been tasked with finding whoever stole Faye's purse.
Talk with kids around the school until you get a clue to who it might be and where they could be.

The culprit is Kevin, and he is hiding out behind the shed in the Sports Field.
Go there and confront him and watch the cut-scene to finish the mission.

MISSION 9: Terrorist Alert: Imminent

Go and talk to Guy who is standing outside the dormitory entrance.
He shows you a room where he thinks someone is plotting a terrorist attack at night.
Go into one of the classrooms around the school to pick up some paperclips which you can use as a lockpick.
Pick up a few (in case you suck at the lock picking mini game) and then go back and meet Guy on the second floor of the dormitories.
Complete the lock picking mini game and unlock the door to trigger a cut-scene and complete the mission.

MISSION 10: Suspicious Activity

Go to the second floor of the main school and talk to Mr Ross outside his room.
If you want you can go double check that Mr Stouffer is in fact taking his morning dump in the toilets on the first floor.
Afterwards go back upstairs to the Headmaster's Office, unlock the door and go inside.
Go to the top left corner of the room and interact with the safe.
Complete the safe mini game and take a look at the document Mr Ross sent you to find.
Go back to Mr Ross and give him what you've found to complete the mission.

MISSION 11: Bringing Home the Booze

Go into the Girl's Toilets on the second floor of the main school and speed to Lilly (who is passed out on the floor).
After the cut-scene is over you are inside the secret wine cellar in the school playground.
You must get Lilly to operate levers to create a path through the lasers to reach the alcohol stash.

Navigate your way through the maze using this diagram:

This is the solution:

After you've made it through Lilly joins you outside the door.
Use the switch on the left hand side and open it, then talk to Lilly to complete the mission.

MISSION 12: Identification

Head to the Boy's Toilets on the first floor of the main school and talk with Patrick.
After the cut-scene talk to Dave and he will suggest checking out the English room for handwriting samples.
Go to the English room and interact with the stack of papers on the desk and the handwriting comparison mini game will begin.

You have to compare Patrick's note to several handwriting worksheets. To find the author of the note, find differences between each worksheet and the note, until you have 1 left - the author.
Once you notice the difference, click on the area. If you're correct,? a pen will ring the difference, and the worksheet will be eliminated from the list.

Here are the differences:

Janet: Writes a capital "J" with a line on the top.
Fred: Gibberish.
Harold: Writes "Teh" instead of "The".
Queenie: Justified text.
Kevin: Childish Joke.
Chris: Writes "u" without a tail.
Dave: Beginning of paragraph indented.
Brian: Doesn't use captial letters.
William: Showing signs of mental illness.
Pippa: Writes "p", "y" and "g" with a long stem.
Irene: Smudgy handwriting.
Vicky: Misses the word "Lazy".
Zena: Writes "z" with a strike-through and writes "Q" with a strike-through tail.

After you've completed the mini game you will have discovered Nate was behind the threat.
Go back to the Boy's Toilets and tell Patrick to finish the mission.

MISSION 13: WRC For Children

Head to the Sport's Field and you'll see Nate, Harold, and Dave playing with a RC race car.
Talk with one of them to start the mission.
You must race the car around the track and beat Nate's best time to complete the mission.
It's fairly easy, once you've accomplished this task you there will be a cut-scene and the mission is finished.

MISSION 14: Freedom!

Go to the second floor of the main building and talk to Dave outside the detention room.
It's time to free Terence from his prison!
Talk with teachers around the school to get a clue to who has the key, then go looking for them.

Mr Ross has the key, and can be found at the bike sheds.
Go and talk to him and he will inform you that he lost the key in the school fountain.

Interact with the fountain to step up and grab the key.
Go back to the detention room, talk with Dave then interact with the door to free Terence and complete the mission.

MISSION 15: Photogenic

Go and talk to Nate outside the Headmaster's Room on the second floor of the main school building.
After a cut-scene you will be with Nate and Dave outside the Dormitories.
You need a rope to get up through the open window, so you must head back to the main building.
If you got the key in ?The Goth-Father' mission, you can head in through the front entrance.
If not you'll have to go in through the open window in the playground area.

Go to the storage room on the second floor, turn on the lights and then pick up the rope from the shelves.

Head back to Nate and Dave outside the dormitories.
Talk with Nate and he'll give you a camera with 6 pictures left.
After a cut-scene you'll be in the Girl's Dormitory and a timer of 3 minutes will be counting down.
Interacting with each bed will give you a description of the girl and then you are asked if you want to take a picture. If you don't find good enough pictures Nate will make you try again.

Each girl has a rating out of 5 (apart from Miss Cummings - the hot nurse - who has a rating of 15)
The objective is to get a score of over 20 with only 6 photos.
So the way to complete this mission is to take pictures of girls with a rating over 3 (on average).

Map of Girls' Beds:

List of Girls in Wasted Youth Part 1 :
Bethany = 5
Casey = 3
Daria = 1
Elaine = 2
Faye = 3
Grace = 2
Heather = 5
Irene = 1
Janet = 4
Kim = 5
Lilly = 2
Monica = 3
Nikki = 5
Olivia = 3
Pippa = 2
Queenie = 1
Ruby = 1
Suzanne = 4
Tina = 2
Vicky = 4
Wendy = 4
Xenia = 3
Yvette = 4
Xena = 4
Miss Cummings = 15
Mrs Lovens = -5

MISSION 16: The Party

Go to the Dormitories and talk with Faye who is standing outside your bedroom.
If it's still daytime go to bed and you will awake at midnight for the Party.
After an encounter with Dave as you leave, head to the Assembly Hall in the main school, this is where the Party is.

Feel free to mingle and talk with people.
Talk with Lilly to start a drinking based mini game.
Alternately hit the Left and Right Arrow and try to beat Lilly. It doesn't matter if you win or lose but you have to attempt it.

Next go and talk with Zena and take part in a Dancing mini game.
Hit the correct Arrow buttons as they hit white target strip.
Again it doesn't matter if you do well or not, but you have to at least attempt it.

After you have tried these two games, you can now talk to Nate.
After a cut-scene go and talk to Nate again who is standing in the centre of the dance floor with lots of people around him.

He shows everyone the photos you got for him in the last mission you did for him, and tries to make everyone hate you.
This starts a fight mini game.
Hit the key that flashes on screen as fast as you can to help you defend yourself and make attacks.
Again, you don't have to win, it doesn't matter either way.
(but he deserves a good beat down so try and win!)
After the fight a cut-scene will play, after which Dave will ask you to come out to the Sport's Field because he's found something.
To dig up the suspicious lump you'll need a spade but it's locked in the shed.
The door is locked with a rope and padlock, so you need to find something to burn it off.
Head to the main entrance where Wendy and Vincent are smoking.
Talk with Vincent and he'll give you his lighter, go back to the shed in the Sports Field and use it to open the door. Go inside and get the spade, and as you leave a cut-scene will start.

A video version of Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough will be posted in this video when they go live.

Youre Toast walkthrough

Youre Toast is a new running arcade game on addictinggames. It features a toast with hands and legs capable of running, jumping and dashing on rainbows. You play as the living toast and apparently, there is a giant monster trying to eat you. Run like any other toast being chased by giant monster. Jump over the gaps of the terrain and pop into toasters not to be burned but to get a little boost. Also grab peanuts and jellies to activate the rainbow dash power up.

Youre Toast walkthrough.

The game is hilariously addicting and fun. But can also be a little frustrating at the beginning. You can also try to go for the achievements if think you have it takes to be the ultimate running toast. Anyways, for some bits of the gameplay, here's a Youre Toast walkthrough footage.

Silly Sausage walkthrough

Silly Sausage is new platformer arcade game from one of our favorite game publisher, nitrome. This game is about a dog, a different breed of dog - a stretchy dog. Your job is to safely navigate the lovable sausage like dog through the dangers and obstacles that lay ahead in each level. Search for treasures as you guide stretchy dog contort himself through pathways and pipes.

Silly Sausage walkthrough.

As always, Nitrome had another job well done in this game. It features 30 fairly challenging levels and really addicting gameplay - yes sticking on walls is somewhat addicting. It's like a dog had possessed the power of Plastic Man. Protip: Timing is key to not being hit by those rolling blades. Anyways, I assume that all of us playing this game had passed through the first several levels so for now let's just cover in the Silly Sausage walkthrough the further stages in the game and the rest later or if I don't get lazy gathering videos.

Pogo Rampage walkthrough

Pogo Rampage is a new action platformer game from yzigames. This game allows you to go on a rampage pogo style! Hop on civilians, trucks, cars, planes and even satellites orbiting the planet. Earning as much points as you can through stringing hit combinations can be quite fun but also a bit of a challenge. You will earn in game cash from the points you make and can spend them to purchase upgrades for your pogo stick. So what are you waiting for? Hop on your pogo up to the ending.. Wait, there's no ending in this game so the pogo rampage goes on forever.

Pogo Rampage walkthrough.

Use A and D on your keyboard to control your character left or right. For some tidbits of the gameplay, here is some sort of a Pogo Rampage walkthrough showing bits of the game.

Super Mega Balance Party walkthrough

Super Mega Balance Party is a new point and click physics based puzzle game from MorePieGames. This game is about balancing different shapes with varying characteristics and sizes on different kinds of platform. Each shapes got different ideas, some slide, some roll and some are just heavy. It's up to you how to strategically place them strong and balanced enough to keep them from falling off. Make a stack as instructed in each level and watch the clock.

Super Mega Balance Party walkthrough.

This game features very good physics engine and 18 challenging levels. Trying to make a stable stack while racing against the clock is fun and quite of a challenge. Very entertaining indeed. You may find it frustrating, though, if you keep on failing in a specific level. Anyways, to help you out with strategies I looked up some Super Mega Balance Party walkthrough (SMBPw) and luckily I found one.

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure walkthrough

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure is a new point and click adventure game created by 5 year old Cassie and her father - untold entertainement. According to the story of this game, a ponycorn is like a pony mixed with a unicorn and they are the most precious creature for a 5 year old girl. Join Sissy on her adventure to find all ponycorns with different colors.

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure walkthrough.

All drawings in the game is done by a 5 year old sweet little girl. This game is just So cute and adorable. I can't say anything but awww. Anyways, if you got stuck at some point of this game, Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure walkthrough shows spoilers for all of us.

Hacker vs Hacker walkthrough

Hacker vs Hacker walkthrough.Hacker vs Hacker is a new point and click strategy defense game from ageofgames. This a game where you put your offense and defense tactics at the same time. Defend your computer from attacking malwares and viruses while you send your own army of viruses to your enemy's PC. The game features 17 stages to dominate. Further stages becomes more and more difficult as you face new types of malwares.

This game is really neat and I personally like it a lot. But unlike other tower defense games that I got used to, I am not able to upgrade attack towers in this one which is kinda unusual for a tower defense. Anyways, I still love this game for its concept. For some gameplay bits, tips and techniques for this game, I will be looking around for some Hacker Vs Hacker walkthrough and post them here (updated when new vids goes live).

Dragon Age Legends walkthrough

Dragon Age Legends Remix 01 is a new point and click hack 'n slash game from Evan Miller. If you play in facebook, you will be able to receive exclusive items like energy potions. In this game, the hero, Ravi, set off on a quest as a Templar to destroy the demon but he could not stand against such powerful and evil magic on his own. So he set out in search of a powerful artifact that once owned by a mythical demon hunter Evra. If he could obtain the fabled gear then that is when he will stand a chance against the demon's powers and save the city of Kaiten along with its people.

Dragon Age Legends walkthrough.

The game is quite big in terms of file size and is quite CPU intensive so it may take a while to fully load. Anyways, for some gameplay bits, see the Dragon Age Legends walkthrough embedded below.

Jacob And The Magic Piano walkthrough

Jacob And The Magic Piano is a new unique platform action tower defense game mixed with music simulation from the awesomeness of nerdook. Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a city, far far away. His name was Jacob. Through a series of unfortunate investments, he ended up poor and in debt. But one day, Jacob received an unexpected letter. His rich aunt Matilda had passed away and to his surprise, had included him in her last will and testament. Jacobe left the city for his aunt's mansion, eager to collect his inheritance. Jacob was surprised to find out that his aunt had left him three unusual items: a piano, a cat and a mysterious chest of drawers. Very nice, but Jacob was still as poor as ever. Later that night, Jacob sat alone in the hall, playing with his newly inherited piano. However, as he tinkled a tune, something strange happened. A Strange blue door appeared in the hall and ghosts poured out from it. And all around the mansion, golden stars appeared from the walls. It's up to you to help Jacob solve this strange mystery.

Jacob and the Magic Piano walkthrough.

This is indeed one enjoyable game but if you are just an average gamer i.e. not musucally inclined, you might end up randomly hitting the keys in the piano and might not finish the game. On the other hand, if you know your bars and notes then you have an advantage but it would still take a long time. One useful Tip: ghosts will head for a random star at the start. A key strategy is to prioritize which group of ghosts to chase down and also if the random music doesn't help you much always make a combination of the black and white keys on the piano. For some gameplay, here is a Jacob And The Magic Piano walkthrough (updated when new videos goes live).

The Adventures of Red walkthrough

The Adventures of Red Quest for Chocolate Muffins is a new point and click adventure game on armorgames. Help the poor yellow guy named Red get through the castle and overcome the challenges it presents in search of a very important choco muffin.

The Adventures Of Red walkthrough.

This is the written version of The Adventures of Red walkthrough (TAORw).
Room 1: Pick up Key from table
Room 2: Rotate the pieces to complete the Mona Lisa
Room 3: Top Left: sequence is red, yellow, green... missing colour is (out of 4 colours)? (same for Bottom Right.). Similar process for Top Right and Bottom Left.
Room 4: Matching pairs. Random setup each time.
Room 5: Spot 5 differences between 2 pictures.
Room 6: Smash the vases using the hammer to the right of the door on the right.
Room 7: There is rock on the floor which can be dragged.
Room 8: Think of roman numerals.

Room 9: Click gems in order as per the clue on the wall
Room 10: Play the bells in the order of the clue at the top.
Room 11: Move the pieces on to the last pole. Small pieces can only be placed on top of larger pieces.
Room 12: The Indiana Jones puzzle. Use the sand on the floor to make the bucket weigh the same as the skull.
Room 13: Each key corresponds to a locked chest. Complete the two halves of the square to open.
Room 14: Simon Puzzle. Click the diamonds in the order they flash
Room 15: Rotate arrows to get the skull piece to the centre using the colour order clue given.

Room 17: Rotate the sun dials so the line matches up to the wooden beams
Room 19: Light up all the torches.
Room 20: Use coordinates scattered around the room to switch on 4 panels.
Room 21: Click the right way through the letter maze
Room 22: Clue is unveiled through heat.
Room 23: Click items in right order in accordance with the anagrams.
Room 24: Rotate pieces to complete an abstract painting.
Room 25: Move both sets of knights to the other side. Knights can only move in direction they are facing or by jumping over a knight into an empty space. Avoid putting Knights that face the same way to each other directly next to each other.
Room 26: Find the pair of shields. They go random each time.
Room 28: Turn on all the light panels
Room 29: Use the clues to find the symbols which correspond to the letters for the word 'Key'.
Room 30: 2D rubix cube. Rotate any four squares to match the layout given.
Room 31: Shuffle the pieces to match the layout given.

Room 3: TL: Blue, TR: Green, BL: Green, BR: Blue
Room 5: Knight's helmet plume, Left prong on crown, Middle prong on crown missing circle, Horse Saddle is different color, Horse tail different sizes.
Room 8: MIX in roman numerals translates to 1009
Room 9: Gem order: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
Room 10: if bells are numbered 1 to 5 from left to right, order is 312543
Room 11: Standard Tower of Hanoi puzzle - search for solution on the internet.
Room 12: Place 6 grains of sand in bucket, Swap it with the skull and place it in the hole in the pedestal.
Room 19: Rows (left to right) x columns are numbered 1-9: order is 3,5,7,9,1
Room 21: Answer is "The Right Way"
Room 22: Put ring in the fire to reveal clue: 615423
Room 23: Order is Sword, Diamond, Shield, Candle.
Room 30: See video.
Room 31: See Video again.

This is the video version of The Adventures Of Red walkthrough from the youtubes.

Duck Life 3 Evolution walkthrough

Duck Life 3 Evolution is the latest installment of the very popular ducklife game series from sims5000. In this game, you train your duck and enter it in races against other creatures. It's not that easy to raise modified ducks and it's not easy to make them win races. You will have to train your duck very hard. Pushing it to its limits. Excellent climbing, flying, swimming and running skills can only be achieved through hard training.

Duck Life 3 Evolution walkthrough.

There are three types of leagues to join in this game, namely; amateur, advance and professional league. However, to join the professional league, you must finish amateur and advance leagues first. Oh, well, the game is not a graphics intensive game but it is still fun to play. Not that hard to beat, too. Anyways, I found and embedded a Ducklife 3 Evolution walkthrough in case you guys need one.

Spite Cannon 2 Reloaded walkthrough

Spite Cannon 2 Reloaded is a new point and click physics based game from curious gaming. This game can be played on pretty much every flash portal and also on facebook. The smiling squares and circles are back again and waiting to be blown apart with a mighty cannon. Your goal is to once again knock shapes loose in each level of the game. AS you progress, you will get to buy fantastic upgrades which power up your shapes blasting spree. The game also features a level editor where you can create your own levels.

Spite Cannon 2 Reloaded walkthrough.

SC Reloaded is as good as its predecessor game in terms of physics and challenging levels. But some levels are too difficult and can't beaten without the proper cannon upgrades thus forcing you to restart the previous levels to earn enough money to buy upgrades. This process may bore some players. But there is a workaround with this, you can replay any levels with easy targets then just shoot the objects and reset. This will make you money faster. Anyways, the complete Spite Cannon 2 Reloaded walkthrough shows us all levels beaten.

Papa's Taco Mia walkthrough

Papa's Taco Mia is a new point and click food serving and store management simulation game from flipline studios. Apparently, Papa Louie is branching out with a new taco restaurant and he's putting you in charge after you've won the taco eating contest. Play as Mitch or Maggie responsible for taking orders cooking meats and creating the most delicious tacos in the world. There are over a dozen of toppings and sauces that you will get to unlock as you work up the ranks as taco maker. Earn money by gathering the highest point from your customers as you serve them real good and use those hard earned cash to purchase upgrades.

Papa's Taco Mia walkthrough.

There are also up to 60 badges to earn when you complete certain achievements like using specific toppings or sauce while you run the taco store. The game is played entirely by mouse but the challenge will keep on progressing as you play.

Overall, the game presents a decent gameplay, animation and difficulty. Undoubtedly, this is another hit game from flipline studios. One pro tip: cook all the meat at the same time, it will save you time. For more tips and tricks, let's watch Papa's Taco Mia walkthrough showing bits of the game.

Terraria walkthrough

Terraria is a new action adventure rpg downloadable PC game from Relogic. This game is presented in 2D graphics similar to some of your favorite old school rpg games on Nintendo. In this game you can choose how what you want to do in it. You can choose to build fantastic towns to attract NPCs who offers services or explore the land, its vast dungeons and cave systems where you can find items that you can use to summon monsters you can battle for valuable items.

Terraria walkthrough.

There are really a lot of things to do in this game - collect all items, beat 3 bosses or collect platinum coins. Plus the multiplayer feature is brilliant - you can play with your friends over the internet. You won't get bored too quickly on this one, but don't expect that you'll get the infinity gameplay you get from other games like Minecraft. For some guide and tips to playing this game, I am following Terraria walkthrough (updated when new videos goes online).

Durian's Revenge walkthrough

Durian's Revenge is a new point and click physics game with 23 levels from gamesfree. Help the spiky fruit in his vengeance and get rid of the other fruits by cleverly constructing levels using different platforms where Durian can roll.

Durian's Revenge walkthrough.

There are different tools at the bottom panel that you can use. Make sure you make use of all of them. If you got really stuck at some point, you can get tips and tricks from Durian's Revenge walkthrough which shows all levels beaten.

Mad Shapes walkthrough

Mad Shapes is a new point and click physics based puzzle game coming out soon on gamesfree. In this game, you must guide different shapes with different colors and collect other shapes with the corresponding colors. The gameplay and puzzle aspect looks neat. It features more than 20 levels with simple art style and background music.

Mad Shapes walkthrough.

If you are into physics based puzzlers then you might want to check this game when it goes live. Anyways, let's see the game in action in Mad Shapes walkthrough showing all levels beaten.

Zombie Exterminator walkthrough

Zombie Exterminator is another fun point and click physics game on mofunzone and on pretty much every flash portal around. In this game, your goal is to take out all zombies in each level by doing whatever it takes. And by that, it means use bow, steel ball and other objects to bonk at every undead you see.

Zombie Exterminator walkthrough.

It features simple graphics and good physiscs but the levels are quite easy. But just in case you need it, I'm posting Zombie Exterminator walkthrough for everyone.

Way Of An Idea 2 walkthrough

Way of An Idea 2 is a new point and click physics based puzzle game coming out soon on arcadetown. This game features one of the most popular physicist, Isaac Newton. Your objective is to make the apple touch Sir Isaac in each level by drawing platforms. However, you will have to work around obstacles and the physics itself to fullfil the objective. There are more than 30 challenging levels in this game and a ton of quotes from Isaac Newton.

Way Of An Idea 2 walkthrough.

The game looks neat in the puzzle aspect but we'll have to wait for this game to be released if we are to make any conclusions about it. Anyways, if you want to see this game in action or the solution to all levels, Way Of An Idea 2 walkthrough might serve you well.

Gun Mayhem walkthrough

Gun Mayhem is a new action shooting game battle from KevinGu armorgames. This game is a high octane arena style action cartoony platformer shooter where you get to play against the AI or with friends. Its main features are its multiplayer feature which supports up to 4 players at once, 60 different firearms to unlock and use, 4 unique gameplay modes: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense, and finally, fully customizable characters.

Gun Mayhem walkthrough.

In campaign mode there is a coop option where you can play along with an ally or player 2. The game reminds me of the CF2 game only in this one you use no brawling skills but only gun firepower. Anyways, you may find the final level in campaign mode difficult to beat so let me show you Gun Mayhem walkthrough showing the last boss with the mini-gun beaten.

Ragdoll Cannon 4 walkthrough

Ragdoll Cannon 4 is the newest version for the physics based games from johnnyk. The ragdolls are back, but this time with two brand new ragdoll types at your disposal. Launch them from your mighty cannon with the aim of hitting the cannon with as few shots as possible in each level to progress.

Ragdoll Cannon 3 walkthrough.

The RC series always keeps on getting better. Smoother graphics, better animation and powerful physics engine makes it really great. Added to it are its challenging levels. So if you got stuck at some point and missed the in game solution button, Ragdoll Cannon 4 walkthrough is here to save you from frustration.

Bullet walkthrough

Bullet is a new first person shooting game from gamesfree. In this game, you take your shooting skills at a different, more exciting shooting range where you get to shoot other snipers and complete intense challenges which involves shooting birds in flight and helpless ripe watermelons - with a cool slow motion bloody effect.

Bullet walkthrough.

There 2 areas in the game, the backyard and the streets. Each has 5 shooting challenges. You will have to complete all the challenges in the first area if you are to unlock the other. Meanwhile, Bullet walkthrough for those who need it.


Help The Hero walkthrough

Help the Hero is a new funny point and click hero's inventory management adventure game (lol wut?) from armorgames. You don't play as the hero in this game, you don't do it for glory either. In fact, even the author of this game is not sure why you do it. But what's important is you do it. You play as the manservant of the greatest, most manliest hero the world has ever known. Your job is to take care of the items the hero gets in his adventure fitting them in his inventory grid and equip slot. Build his attributes around magic, attack, defense and range attack right or he'll be pummeled into dust by his opponent and it will be your fault.

The idea of the game is quite funny along with the wacky characters. Gameplay presents two aspects, namely fitting items into the grid and figuring out which attributes to equip the hero with. Simple, fun and hilariously challenging at some poit. Anyways, you can join me as I follow Help The Hero walkthrough in a LP video.

Insectonator Zombie Mode walkthrough

Insectonator Zombie Mode is a new point and click shooter game from flyanvil. This game is basically the zombie mode for the original insectonator game in which we can remeber a lot of insect killing action. In this zombie mode version, you can now crush zombies like insects and a whole lot new achievements to unlock.

Insectonator Zombie Mode walkthrough.

There are four different game modes namely, annihilator, killer, selectioner and don't touch my gems. This game is made with neat animation and sound effects that is very enjoyable to sit back, relax and have fun with at the same time. Meanwhile, here is Insetonator Zombie Mode walkthrough and achievements guide especially for those who wants to get 130 percent game progress.

Nobuyuki Forces 4 walkthrough

Nobuyuki Forces 4 is a new action shooting game developed by skt. This game is basically a shoot and take cover game using only your mouse to aim and fire while the spacebar is for getting on and out of the cover. There are a total of 15 stages in the game and 3 boss fights which are kind of an easy to beat type.

Nobuyuki Forces 4 walkthrough.

There's a couple of negative things I have to say about this game, first there is no preloader which might make players think that game is bugged or something. Second, ther is not much weapon to choose from. Well, you can handle the bosses with ease using just your pistol anyway so why bother carry more guns lol. The gameplay is good and I say the game itself is very good for a flash game shooter - very entertaining indeed. Meanwhile, here is Nobuyuki Forces 4 walkthrough for those who need it.

LA Noire walkthrough

If you have been playing the new free roaming single player detective game from Rockstar Games calle LA Noire then chances are you also are stuck at some point of it due to the significant difficulty it offers. This game is just out for just several days and it has recieved a fair amount of reviews and has caught the attention of different game achievement gurus from all over the web.

LA Noire walkthrough.

Anyways, if you are looking for some guide to help you out with this game, you may want to join me as I follow this LA Noire walkthrough (for PS3 and Xbox) videos.

LA Noire Gold Film Reels All Locations

LA Noire is a new epic single player detective game developed by rockstar games for PS3 and Xbox360. This game is set on the infamouse streets and smoky back rooms of post war Los Angeles.

LA Noire Gold Film Reels All Location.

If you are playing this game, chances are you will try to get the 30G achievement/Silver trophies and look for all of the Hollywoodland gold canisters so I figured that I can help you out by gathering videos showing all their locations. Hence, the LA Noire Gold Film Reels All Locations (updated when new vids comes out).

Let The Bullets Fly 2 walkthrough

Let The Bullets Fly 2 is a new point and click physics based game from gamepirate. The gameplay is very similar to Ricochet Kills but with different set of levels. It's a simple game, you bounce your bullets off walls and around levels as you try to take out all of the baddies with as few shots as you can.

Let The Bullets Fly 2 walkthrough.

Though this one is not the first on its genre, I would say that it is still fun to play and quite entertaining with fairly challenging levels. Anyways, if you need some guide on how you can beat all the levels of this game, see Let The Bullets Fly 2 walkthrough showing all 40 levels beaten.

Lume walkthrough

Lume walkthrough.
Lume is a new point and click puzzle adventure PC game (also on Mac) created by state of play, the creators of some popular browser games. What is standout feature of this game is its visual style as everything in it was created out of cardboard and paper. But it is not only an eye candy but the puzzles it has are cleverly thought out. The plot is simple, puzzle solving starts when grandpa left the house after the electricity went out. He heads into the village and left grandson alone in his old house, not to sit still and wait for him but to solve puzzles. Find clues all around the house and solve every puzzle that will lead to another.

This game is controlled entirely by mouse but that doesn't mean you can sit back and relax wnile playing it. Most of the time you will have to get your eyes really close to the screen to find clues. A very challenging game that even a seasoned escape gamer will stop and think a lot and sometimes let out heavy sigh. Anyways, for Lume walkthrough and spoilers, I found videos and embedded them here.

River Raider walkthrough

River Raider is a new tap down action adventure shooter game from miniclip who is now celebrating their 10th anniverssary. Play as commando who was sent to a one man mission to raid heavily guarded enemy bases. It's kind of a suicide mission but you know the weakness in their defense and that is through the rivers. The river as your point of entry, blast your way in to enemy lair utilizing any capable vehicles and firepower on your way while you collect medals for extra points. In each level, you will be faced with an enemy boss and that is when you perform your shooting skills, evading and resourcefulness comes in.

River Raider walkthrough.

It's kind of an epic tap down shooter I have played for quite a while now. It reminds me of a rambo inspired game back when I was a kid. I can't say anything about the sound effects and animation - they are good like prvious miniclip games. The only thing I noticed is that the inability of ground vehicles to reverse but there's a lot of vehicles to use so it doesn't matter anymore. Meanwhile, for some strategies and techniques, let's follow this River Raider walkthrough videos showing all levels beaten including the final boss battle.

The Pocalypse Defense walkthrough

The Pocalypse Defense is a point and click strategy base defense game from greenpixel. This game is based on the popular webcomic about the lives of teenage heroes in a post apocalyptic world. Take on the role of Joe, a seemingly young man but with super powers. Defend New Hammerston and its citizen with your friends Bernie the Sentinel, Jess the Stinger and Harry the battery operated robot from hordes of brain hungry zombies, mutants, plant monsters, killer machines and vampires

The Pocalypse Defense walkthrough.

The gameplay is quite good with lots of upgrades available, from your heroes' weapons, suits and skills to your base's gate. But one problem is when you look forward to beating this game the easiest way, you'll find that obtaining the rocket launcher as soon as possible is the only thing you need and the rest of the weapons and upgrades will become useless in beating the game. Hence it becomes boring. Aside from that it's really entertaining. I like superfist Joe, the Sentinel and the Stinger costumes and their skills. Anyways, here is a complete The Pocalypse Defense walkthrough showing the rocket launcher strategy I mentioned.

Vampire Skills walkthrough

Vampire Skills is a new funny point and click adventure puzzle game from fastgames and begamer. With the success of vampire related movies this past few years, waking up to see games about blood sucking creatures these days is not new anymore. But this time, it's not about just sucking a victim's blood, it's about a newbie vampire who is in the learning proccess of his skills. Bat transformation, telekenesis and super stregnth are just a few of the skills he is yet to be taught.

Vampire Skills walkthrough.

The game pretty entertaining if you are the type of a quickie gamer who just want to spend a little time playing games. It's pretty easy but it's quite fun and the characters are funny. Anyways, here is Vampire Skills walkthrough showing the game beaten in under 12 minutes.

Checkpoint walkthrough

Checkpoint is a new challenging platformer game developed and brought to us by herointeractive. This game is about, uh, well, it's about jumping, wall jumping, running, sliding, avoiding obstacles and dying a lot. Actually, dying in most levels in this game are required in finishing them. You will be faced with almost impossible to beat kind of levels as you progress plus the game itself will taunt the hell out of you in everything you do in an attempt to lose your focus.

This game is one the most challenging platformer type I have played in a while now. Needless to say, it entertained me a lot and frustrate me a little to the point that I am about to smash my keyboard. Anyways, here is a video of Checkpoint walkthrough I am currently following (updated when new videos goes online).

Rolling Hero 2 walkthrough

Rolling Hero 2 is a new physics based puzzle game coming out soon on gamesnitro. In this game, you are to guide a yellow round object to the blue portal by rotating the whole puzzle, avoiding obstacles like spikes and flames. In some levels you can use powers ups that you can use to your advantage in collecting coins around tight corners or areas near spikes.

Rolling Hero 2 walkthrough.

This game looks neat as the last Rolling Hero game. Let's just wait until it comes out. Meanwhile, let's see this game in action in this Rolling Hero 2 walkthrough showing all levels beaten.

Test subject Green walkthrough

Test Subject Green is a new puzzle platformer type of game developed and brought to us once again by nitrome. This is basically the sequel to the popular game called test subject blue (yeah, we are expecting red and the rest of the colors in the future sequels). Take on the role of a blue goo injected to a tiny mobile suit and pass through tests, mostly by jumping, shooting and avoiding obstacles in your life inside a testube. There are 30 awesome challenging levels in this platformer puzzler and as you go further you will be faced with tougher levels and even more head scratching moments. But longing to see what happens in its story will keep you try and try again. Nonetheless, it is another one neat game from nitrome.

As for some tips and help about this game, we are currently following this Test Subject Green walkthrough showing all levels including last one.

Hobo 5 passwords cheats

Hobo 5 Space Brawls Attack Of The Hobo Clones is a new action brawler adventure game from seethingswarm. Apparently, our homeless hero has been abducted by aliens and finds himself aboard a UFO floating deep in space. The aliens has done experiments on his DNA and clone him to build an army hobo. What's worst is that those filthy aliens also draine all of his combo moves and that left him to fight aliens and his clones to get back what is rightfully his. The story sets just a few hours after the events in the last hobo game.

Hobo 5 passwords cheats.

As always, you can choose your level of difficulty from easy, normal and hard. This game is kinda short but it's still fun and playing from the start with all your combo moves back is something that you will look forward to. Anyways, here are all Hobo 5 passwords: BUBBLES, ALIENFUN, CLONEWARS, SPACEHOBO, SPACEFUN, SPACEWARS.

Doodle God 2 Elements List All Combination

Doodle God 2 is a new point and click combine and discover game and the long awaited sequel to it's predeccessor made by joybits (also the creator of doodle devil). This new game features lots of funny quotes, two additional episodes of undated graphics and gameplay and an improved reactions set. Now you can work your creation from bacteria to beetles, radio wave to nuclear bomb, advanced weapons and beyond. But be very careful what you create for you might end up in a zombie apocalypse. Not that it's a zombie game, but chances are you'll get your daily dose of undead on your first try.

Doodle God 2 Elements List Combination.

Meanwhile, here is some Doodle God 2 All Elements List showing all combination you can do - it does seem to be in random order so just work it out guys.

void + electricity = radio wave
light bulb + radio wave = tv
tv + book = computer
void + glass = lightbulb
radiowave + radiowave = radiation
sand + tree = palm tree
seeds + energy = coffee
void + airplane = rocket
Void + rocket= Satellite
Radio wave + fire = laser
laser + book = CD
metal + water = quicksilver
quick silver demigod= philospers stone
Apple + cell phone = gold
human + computer = cyborg
computer + computer = internet
metal + radiation = plutonium
plutonium + weapon = Nuclear Bomb
computer + radio wave = cell phone
tree + flower = apple
energy + fire = plasma
plasma + void = sun
sun + grass = flower
sun + flower = sunflower

sand + glass = clock
commandments + human = religion
religion + human = law + sin
Beast + house = cat + dog
tools + law = mechanism
alcoholic + ship = pirate
waater + glass = ice
book + human = knowledge
warrior + firearm = soldier
gold + paper = money
knowledge + fish = octopus
bacteria + milk = cheese
money + human = work
beetle + work = ant
human + bacteria = virus
mechanism + book = typewriter
knowledge + human = scientist
fish + egg = caviar
alcoholic + house = tavern
apple + dough = pie
law + soldier = policeman
ice + milk = ice cream
knowledge + virus = medicine
fire + meat = steak
reed + field = sugar
ice + mechanism = freezer
secks + human = fun
reed + human = music
human + rocket = astronaut
corpse + electricity = death metal
medicine + bacteria = antibiotics
music + alcohol = rock-n-roll
alcohol + grass = absinthe
money + skyscraper = bank
computer + virus = hacker
coffee + vodka = b-52
law + fun = games
alcohol + pirate = rum
sugar + bread = cookies
alcoholic + money = hangover
money + bank = debt
debt + money = credit card
vodka + firearm + russian roulette
secks + secks = censored
typewriter + human = journalist
life + void = alien
beast + medicine = rat
vodka + worm = tequila
fire + vodka = molotov cocktail
milk + vodka = white russian
water + water = sea
sun + sea = salt
rocket + alien = ufo

Doodle God 2 walkthrough video will be posted here too when they go live. But as of now let's settle for the Doodle God 2 Elements list above.

The Tiny Bang Story walkthrough

The Tiny Bang Story is another downloadable point and click puzzle pc game (also available on mac) from colibrigames. This game features no text to read, no cutscenes and no dialogue only simple story and gameplay which makes it a very good game. Find items and solve the puzzles then assemble the jigsaw pieces in the main view of the planet. You might want to always click on the blue bugs to charge your hint meter but most of the time the hint system will require you some work. If your hint meter runs out, you will have to click on the floating bugs again to recharge it which is kinda discouraging thus forcing you to experience its wonderful world a bit more.
The Tiny Bang Story walkthrough.
You probably seen some other games like this before but this one is bit different in terms of mechanics and gameplay. Anyways, if you are looking for some help regarding this game or just want to see its ending, you'll find this The Tiny Bang Story walkthrough helpful.

Truck Loader 2 walkthrough

Truck Loader 2 is a new adventure game developed by flazm. In this game, your goal is to load boxes into a truck in certain order. Featuring some new tricks up the sleeves of loader plus the warehouse has been turned into a massive obstacle course. Also, the new freestyle arena allows you to play with old junkyard buggy without time limit.

Truck Loader 2 walkthrough.

Like the previous version, this one showcases some really challenging levels added to it some really fragile objects to handle that will test your steady hands. It has 30 levels that are quite difficult to beat so here's Truck Loader 2 walkthrough for those who need it.

Poptropica Red Dragon Island walkthrough

Poptropica Magic Tree House Red Dragon Island is a new action adventure game from poptropica. Apparently, the magical tree house somehow landed on poptropica. Jack and Annie is now on a journey back in time to a mystical world of sumo wrestlers, samurai warriors and even greater dangers that lurk in the clouds under the iron fist of the shogun. Surviving this world is harder than you thought and so it's up to you to harness and master a set of awesome ninja skills and go through a very dangerous rescue mission and find your way safely back home.

Poptropica Red Dragon Island walkthrough.

We all love poptropica games and this one takes us to a completely diffrerent world where a unique adventure unfolds - very entertaining, needless to say. Anyways, we are following this Poptropica Red Dragon Island walkthrough (this is updated when new videos goes live).

City Siege 2 walkthrough

City Siege 2 Resort Siege is another new action strategy game from thepodge. This is basically the follow up sequel for las year's city siege game. Prepare to take out even more challenging baddies who packs more firepower, tanks, helicopters and mini gun wielding veterans. The previous game CS is really fun and this one I think is equally fun and offers a bit more challenging levels. The new units, spy, veteran and transport copter adds up to bring your tactics to a higher level.

City Siege 2 walkthrough.

What can I say. It's awesome like its predeccessor. Taking out baddies while keeping the civilians and VIPs and managing your resources at the same time is fun. Anyways, let's follow this City Siege 2 walkthrough (as usual, it will be updated when new vids come out).

Cursed Treasure Level Pack walkthrough

Cursed Treasure Level Pack is a new point and click tower defense strategy game from irysoft. This game is basically follow up to the smash hit tower defense game released not so long ago. Build attack towers to protect your precious gems from being stolen. What's new in this version are the all new levels. There are also 21 achievements to earn for those achievement hunters.

Cursed Treasure Level Pack walkthrough.

This game offers the same level of gameplay as its predecessor - still very entertaining and addicting, needless to say. Anyways, as usual, I will be collecting videos for Cursed Treasure Level Pack walkthrough and will have them embedded here as they go online.