Mayan Escape Walkthrough

Mayan Escape is yet another creation of a flash game creator coolbuddy. It's basically a point and click playable web game wherein you will have to find hidden items and solve puzzles to escape and finish the game. The game sets in a Mayan themed room where you are locked down. See the Mayan Escape walkthrough below and enjoy.

Fairy Princess Escape Walkthrough

Fairy Princess Escape is one of the latest online flash games from games2girls. The story goes something like a princess who's also a fairy was kidnapped and locked down to rot in a forgotten creepy unknown castle. Not to mention it's built with bricks that is now moldy due the bad whether of the place it is standing on! Wait. What did I just say? Anyways, if you're looking for the Fairy Pricncess Escape walkthrough, sorry Mario but your fairy princess is in another castle. Kidding. Watch it below.

Starry Eye Iphone walkthrough

Okay, it's not the full Starry Eye walkthrough for iphone but it's a video showing how to play this game for the iphone.

And here's the video showing Starry Eye Attract Mode.

We are still trying to find some full Starry Eye walkthrough for iphone at the moment. Please bear with us.

Bizare House Escape walkthrough | One minute Solution

Hey, this is like a quickie post for Bizare House Escape walkthrough. It's bizare, you're in a house so here's a walkthrough. Enjoy the one minute video.

Room 001 Escape walkthrough

You've been to a lot of rooms with different room numbers but I bet this is the first time you got stuck and lost in this kind of room. It's called the Room 001. It is an ordinary room at first glance but it is really not. Weird things happens in this creepy room and once you are in you will have to work your way to get out- the hard way. So to help you out with this point and click flash game, I embedded a video of the Room 001 Escape walkthrough.

Little TV Escape walkthrough

Little Tv Escape is one of the latest point and click game from the developer Ichwillspielen. In this game, you must find hidden items and use it to escape from where you are trapped in. Yeah, you probably know that so let us proceed with the Little TV Walkthrough since I know for fact that you are stuck already and probably wondering where you can find the spanner, black board or where you will use the pliers that you've already got.

The Ricochet Kills 2 walkthrough

Ricochet Kills 2 is a killer game can be addictive too. So play this at your own risk. In this game, the goal is to eliminate, liquidate, obliterate the bad guys with lethal bouncing. Here's a Ricochet Kills 2 walkthrough vids that might be the one you are looking for. Uploaded by some dude putgame. He's awesome too like tasselfoot.
Levels 30 to 40 first..

PROTONAUT walkthrough

Protonaut is a puzzle slash physics based slash platform game from armorgames- a site where every game is armored. That does not make sense.. Anyways, this game is beautifully done in a cold war era in Soviet art style wherein you lead your masses in a glorious battle. Yeah, you probably know that by now. I get it. You're just here for the Protonaut walkthrough so here are some videos that might help you.

 Above: beating the borg video.
So how did this Protonaut walkthrough help you? Leave your responses below or go over to my house to tell me personally. lol!

Intern Walkthrough

Intern is a point and click flash game brought to us by maxgames- where games are maxed. Okay, I just made that tag line up. In this game, you will see lots of funny and goofy characters. But who cares if the characters in Intern are goofy or not? You just want the goofy, I mean, the Intern walkthrough, right? So yeah. Watch. video. walkthrough.

Imagia 1 The Tower Walkthrough | Solution for Imagia Part 1

Imagia 1 The Tower is an adventure game created and developed by Ralf Herbecker of Kayzerfish. Finding items and figuring out where you can use them is the key to beat the game. I find this quite a difficult one so I figured that I should look for a nice guide and share it here. Here it is: Step 1 is to take the dirty canvass by removing the stones in the middle of the screen near the bottom. Then scroll down a little on this page and click the play button on the Imagia 1 The Tower walkthrough video and it will show you how you will be able to beat this game. Enjoy.

After watching that Imagia Part 1 walkthrough, you can now go beat that game here.

Epic War 4 walkthrough | How to beat Epic War 4?

The following videos below will show you how you can beat the game Epic War 4 in epic difficulty mode.

Epic War 4 walkthrough videos:

Above shows how to accomplish challenges 1 and 2 and below shows of the challenges 3 and 4.

Below is tasselfoot on the Epic War 4 walkthrough: the final challenge.

For more of tasslefoot's awesome game walkthroughs click here. You can play Epic War 4 on Kongregate.

I.Q. Ball walkthrough

IQ Ball is one of the latest physics based game from funflow. Find a way to grab on the circular target red target board. Only this way you can only finish a level. For every level you finish an Intelligent Quotient value will be displayed as your score which may or may not insult you. hehe. Your score depends in the number of actions that you make to get to the bull's eye. Anyways, here's IQ Ball Walkthrough.

Mini Cinema Escape Walkthrough Yay!

Lost a cup or just don't know what to do with that plastic bottle and the up and down code or maybe you got 4 cups and you just filled the cups with ice and coke and you don't know what to do next in this point and click game titled Mini Cinema Escape? Well, just look at the video walkthrough below. It's a walkthrough for that game you are lost in.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mini Cinema Escape Walkthrough, yehey!

Monsters Shrine Escape walkthrough

Monster's Shrine Escape is not an easy point and click game from Nifty. Why you ask? Because anyone who cannot understand Japanese doesn't stand any chance to beating this game all by himself. I tried to play this but after answering the question of the ugly rat, I had no idea what to do next. If I could understand or translate the characters in this game, I'm sure I could have gone far. huhu. Anyways, there's still hope to completing this escape game even if you are an American or European that cannot understand Jap characters or language. And that is by means of a.. yeah, a Monster's Shrine Escape walkthrough!

Already finished this one now. hehe.

Sherlock Holmes Iphone Game | Lock Picking walkthrough

If you are playing Sherlock Holmes Mysteries in your Iphone or ipod touch and having trouble with the 'lock picking', then the video will teach you how to do it right.

I'm still looking for a full Sherlock Holmes Mysteries iphone game walkthrough, so if you know anything about the matter, please leave a message. Thanks.

A CellCraft walkthrough...?

An educational and genuinely fun to play game, that is how they describe Cellcraft. It was made from the real world of cells so it would be indeed educational. It was designed by the designer that comes in the name Phoenix00017. I haven't played CellCraft yet but maybe I'll try it later. Anyways, here's a video of some sort of a Cellcraft walkthrough.

Cellcraft full walkthrough will be here in our next update. Keep in touch.

Emi's Magical Dream Escape 3 Walkthrough

This point and click game is the third part of the magical adventure of some random cute girl named Emi from 123bee. You must help her out of yet another mysterious place where she's lost for the third time. Anyways, let's get to the Emi's Magical Dream Escape 3 walkthrough because I know you are so stuck on this game. hehe.

Star Wars Battle for Hoth Iphone walkthrough

Below is the iphone game Star Wars: Battle For Hot walkthrough with commentary from the designer of the game itself.

This iphone game is basically a strategy tower defense type of game where you build defense mechanism and upgrade them to overcome the attacking enemies. But it also requires tactics such as strategic placement of your defenses i.e. troopers, trenches, etc. We'll get the chance to try this one out as soon as it comes out. I just hope it would not be a boring game.

Puppy House Escape walkthrough

Tentenenentenen! Puppy Power! I mean, Puppy House Escape solution! Yeah, here is a walkthrough of that game from Gazzyboy. If you're reading this you're probably stuck in the game just like me. Well good news is you've come across the right place. I tried to solve this point and click flash game but it's no good. Good thing I found this Puppy House Escape Walkthrough.

The part that really got me stuck is the bone that you will have to break with a hammer and get the small key. Also the part wherein you have to use the cutter to cut on the tree behind the dog house and over the very top of the fence.

Fragger Bonus Blast Complete Walkthrough

I am playing lately this physics based game called Fragger Bonus Blast and made busy for a moment and just now I realized I still don't have a walkthrough of that awesome game here. So I thought I'd post some Fragger Bonus walkthrough of which the credits goes to their respective owners. Anyways, I've beaten this game without using any of these cheat materials. lol!. Just kidding, I really got stuck on levels 4, 8 and 9 and I think level 10 too. So yeah, here's Fragger Bonus Blast walkthrough which I believe covers all of the levels.

Let us know if you know of other Fragger Bonus Blast walkthrough out there. Thanks!

Galaxy Jumper Walkthrough

A psychedelic platformer, that's what they labeled Galaxy Jumper in ArmorGames. It's a fun point and click game. Controls are easy. Just move the mouse to aim and left click or space bar to jump. Jump around the heavenly bodies to collect the coins and keys, which are important to unlocking the exit passageway to the next level. If you think this article is boring, just jump to the Galaxy Jumper walkthrough of the all coins and keys video.

And here's another version.

We'll try to update this Galaxy Jumper Walkthrough page as soon as we find other resources.

Action Turnip High Score Walkthrough

Action Turnip is a vegetable shooting things and stuffs all around action game that will blow your mind. In this advegy, I mean adventure game, you play as the Action Turnip who just want to shoot at enemies and get high score so you can be hailed as the most awesome watery root crop on the surface of the Earth. So you think you can be the highest scorer on this one? Watch video of the Action Turnip Walkthrough that I think could help you out. It's a vid of a dude which comes is the username Putgame, getting the highest score of 6,900 points!

Rat Ranger walkthrough

Rat Ranger is another cutie point and click flash adventure game created by the ever artistic developer Minoto. The basics is to search and use your mouse to click around the game to find items that could help you solve the puzzle. Yes, it's not just a cute little game, it;s a puzzle and you may find it pretty challenging. I had hard time finding the last few items playing this and resorted to looking at its walkthrough.

Bear vs Penguins Iphone Gameplay

Strategy games like this Bear vs Penguins are becoming widely popular in the iphone gaming. With the game being full of flexible strategies and cute funny characters, cool music background and other features it has become a fun app to play through its superb 20 different levels. At first glance you would think that the bear is the is the antagonist but you got it wrong! It's the army of evil penguins that is trying to rush over to the house of ice of the poor lonesome bear. Organize the union of bears in 5 different roads and fight back against the attack of the penguins. Below is the video of Bear vs Penguins iphone game gameplay.

Essentia Morai walkthrough

This game may take, uhm, forever to load so patience is required if you want to play Essentia Morai point and click escape walkthrough. It's an adventure game which the basics are finding items and solving puzzles then finally escape. Stuck on this one? Congrats! You managed to be patient enough to wait for the game to load. Anyway, after you got the photo, the cigarettes, broken watch and window cleaner tool,.. nah! forget it. Just watch the Essentia Morai walkthrough down there.

Worm 2010 Mobile Game Gameplay

The classic epic comic war game of that hooked the kid of the 90's is back with the updated Worm 2010 version. Get your platoon of worms into the battle with crazy weaponry like the Banana Bomb and Super Sheep. You'll easily get along with this turn based strategy mobile game from EA. The difficulty can be set to easy to insane. What's good about this new Worm 2010 Mobile game is its improved gameplay and character animation. You can watch the trailer below to see the action.

Worm 2010 is now available at all mobile game download sites. Enjoy!

Eternal Elements Walkthrough Video

Eternal Elements is a nicely done point and click flash game from a talented developer Rose Dragon which is also sponsored by LegitGames. In this artfully designed game, you are to explore the mysterious cavern to uncover the secrets of the magical element orbs which are also the key objects to progress in the game. Collect the four elemental orbs- fire, water, wind and earth or stone orbs. Now for the Eternal Elements walkthrough, watch the video below.

Milkey's Escape 2 Walkthrough

Milkey's Escape 2 is, obviously, the second part of its series from the developer Milkey. It's a Japanese point and click game. A brief simple and fun escape game to play. But even simple games like this one can get someone stuck on it. So it's best to have this Milkey's Escape 2 Walkthrough around here so one who's stuck on this game can use it when needed.

Uncover Escape Walkthrough

Uncover Escape is one of the latest point and click puzzle flash game from Zomayor. It's fun to play and quite challenging and lengthy puzzle solving game. It also renders 3d so you won't get your eyes bored quickly. The game sets in a room you are locked in and the usual, you have to find items that may be useful for your escape. It's a point and click type so you use only your mouse. I find this game difficult that after finding and obtaining the ruler, a blue cd, 3 squares, 2 circles on the wall with the tulips, a green book, and scew driver which I got using the ruler that I earlier found, I gave up and had to look at Uncover Escape walkthrough that I found.

Military Barracks Escape Solution Guide

Military Barracks Escape is another game from the game developer DozenGames. We can categorize this game as a point and click room escape game. In this game's scenario, you are a soldier trapped inside a the military installation- the barracks. You must get out of there using the items found around the place. The rooms turned out to be puzzles that you must solve to escape. Anyways, if you have found yourself stuck at some point, after you have found several items like the helmets, shoes and machine gun or used the hammer to get some bullets for the gun you found and you're not going anywhere or cannot figure out the game, it's time to take a look at this Military Barracks Escape Walkthrough I found just around some popular vid site. Enjoy!

Snow Bowling Escape Walkthrough

Isn't it nice to be in the bowling alley and enjoy a nice bowling game. But what if you got stuck in that place alone and locked away from the outside world? Oh never mind that sh*t. Let's stay away from creepy thoughts and focus on another gazzyboy game that had me stuck as usual. It's called Snow Bowling Escape, one Gazzy's latest point and click room escape game. After 4 white pins, 4 red pins, pool stick and a SD, I am nowhere to go. Stuck already had to look at the Snow Bowling Escape Walkthrough video I luckily found.

Wogger Mini Chapter 136, 135 & 133 Walkthrough

The little fella now gets to the 136th chapter of his mini adventure. Yes, Wogger Mini Chapter 136 is now online. You can play it by going here. It should be no sweat for you beating this game if you are used to the previous chapters of the wogger series. But in case you still got stuck at some point, here's Wogger Mini Chapter 136 Walkthrough for you.

You may also check Wogger Mini Chapter 135 and chapter 133 walkthroughs.

Riddle Beach House Escape Walkthrough

One of the latest point and click flash game from the awesome Gazzyboy is the Riddle Beach House Escape and it had me really stuck again. As in not progressing anyhow as I always do in other gazzy riddles. I tried, all on my own to solve this puzzle game but I'm not good enough. But you know what I am good at? Finding escape games walkthrough online. Here's Riddle Beach House Escape Walkthrough I found and helped me solve the awesome gazzy riddle game.

Gingerbread House Escape Walkthrough

It's time for some bread game! Gingerbread House Escape is not a game about baking, it's pretty much of a point and click flash room escape game from the archives of Games2Girls. It's a counter part of Games2Rule for girly games like this cute game. Anyways, the game sets in a colorful place of sweets like chocolates and candies. It was kinda fun and wonderful for a moment when suddenly you got locked up between the sugar made walls of the Gingerbread House. You must then use the items found from around the place to escape or else you will be part of it for sweet eternity. Now as you wander through the room you got lost and stuck at some point that is why you are here. Don't worry, this Gingerbread House Escape walkthrough will surely save you from turning into a human candy statue.

Airport Escape

This is a quick but can be really challenging escape game from Gazzyboy if you're new to point and click puzzle games like of this Airport Escape. You can play it in their site Try to find some items that you can use in your escape. You will find items in every room you get into. Try to figure out how you can utilize the items you found. Do this by pointing and clicking around every room. Sometimes a click can trigger an action that can be a queue for another action to take place. To make this long story short, just follow the Airport Escape Walkthrough below and enjoy.