Mr Vengeance Act 1 walkthrough

Mr Vengeance Act 1 is a new point and click action first person shooter game from armogames. This is just the beginning of Mr Vengeance's story. It all started 3 years ago when his family was murdered by a criminal group. He set on a mission to cast his vengeance and penetrated the biggest clan in the mafioso world in search of Fiero - the one he suspect that is behind the murder of his loved ones.

It's a shooter game where you shoot at black stick men. We love this kind of stuff. But there are still plenty of room for improvements in terms of sound effects and graphics. Nonetheless, it's pretty entertaining. I actually played it from start to finish. There are 3 difficulty modes namely easy, normal and hard but the later two is yet to be unlocked. Meanwhile, I will collect videos of Mr. Vengeance Act 1 walkthrough showing how to beat the final boss in normal mode.

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