Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough

Wasted Youth is a new action adventure rpg game developed by GPStudios. This game is about a bully trying to dominate a whole new and larger environment, the st. Frost Academy. You are about to start the first day of term at your new home, a boarding school for slacker, troublemakers and idiots. You have been sent there after being expelled from your previous school.

Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough.

This game features a lengthy gameplay consisting of a total of 16 missions and a bunch of side missions so expect around 6 hours of play hours to get the 100 percent accomplishment. Now on to the show. First is the written version of Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough showing the guide how to finish all main missions and side missions (found via clicking the walkthrough button in game). Then later the guide for the side missions and piggymon cards.

MISSION 1: The First Meal

After speaking with Dave in the hall, head into the Cafeteria to start the first mission.
Once the cut-scene is over, head upwards towards the Dinner Lady.
Talk with her to receive a second helping of pudding, then head back to Eugene to complete the mission.

MISSION 2: Sickly Entrails

Head upstairs onto the second floor of the main school building.
Go west until you reach the mission marker and the group of students standing around a pile of vomit.
Dave tells you that the key to Mr Ross's cleaning supplies might have been swallowed by a frog, so head left and enter the Biology class room.
Walk up to the box of frogs and start the dissection mini game.
Use the mouse to cut the frogs open and keep searching till you find the key.
Once you have the key, go back to the group and hand it in to complete the mission.

MISSION 3: The First Night

Once the time changes to Night on the first day, this mission will begin.
Head north into the dormitory and then go upstairs to the recreation room to meet up with Dave.
After talking with Dave, go to the computer in the room and go through the computer tutorial.
Once you're done playing around, try to leave the room and choose the option to go to bed.
Head back downstairs and follow the marker to get to your bedroom.
Walk up to the marker at your bed and interact with it to go to bed and finish the mission.

MISSION 4: Bad Reputation

Go to the first floor of the library in the main school building and talk with Ulrika.
Leave the library and follow the marker to the lockers.
First talk with Nate, then go and talk with the group of boys in the corner.
Then go back and talk to Nate to get him to move away from his locker.
Once he has moved, interact with his locker to retrieve Ulrika's photo.
Follow the marker back to Ulrika and then talk with her to finish the mission.

MISSION 5: The Goth-Father

Go to the playground and talk with Xerxes just north of the hopscotch marker.
After the cut-scene is over Xerxes has given you the task of breaking into the staff room to steal staff records.
Head to the playground and interact with the open window shown below.

Climb in and you'll find yourself in the Maths room.
Head out into the corridor, head upstairs, and follow the minimap marker to the staff room.
Go to the top right of the room, and interact will all three file cabinets.
The cabinets are locked but you will pick up a new staff login for the computer systems.
Go to the computer and login with the new username and password.
Check through the new programs available to you, including the school database.
Log off and make sure to pick up the main building key on the table before you leave.
Now you will have easy access to the main building at night through the main doors.
Go back to Xerxes in the playground and talk with him to complete the mission.

MISSION 6: Defacing the King & Queen

Go to the Assembly Hall and talk with Quentin and Queenie to begin the mission.
You must search the main building for the 10 posters.

First Floor Posters:
Poster 1: Behind Quentin and Queenie in the Assembly Hall.
Poster 2: Top left corner of the Cafeteria.
Poster 3: Corridor directly outside the Assembly Hall and the Cafeteria.
Poster 4: Corridor to the right of the entrance to the Library.
Poster 5: To the right of the teacher's desk in the Geography room.

Second Floor Posters:
Poster 1: Corridor just outside the Chemistry room.
Poster 2: Top left corner of the Biology room.
Poster 3: Top middle of the I.T. room.
Poster 4: Corridor just outside if the entrance to the Girl's toilets.
Poster 5: Bottom left corner in the Sick Bay.

Once you've collect all 10 posters, head back down to the Assembly Hall on the first floor.
Talk with Quentin and Queenie to complete the mission.

MISSION 7: Parting Words of a Goth

Go to the playground and talk with Dave to start the mission.
After the cut-scene interact with the keypad in the wall to start the mini game.

Once you've beaten the mini game and watch a cut-scene the mission is over.

MISSION 8: Lost and Found

Go to the main entrance just below the fountain and talk to one of the three girls standing together.
You have been tasked with finding whoever stole Faye's purse.
Talk with kids around the school until you get a clue to who it might be and where they could be.

The culprit is Kevin, and he is hiding out behind the shed in the Sports Field.
Go there and confront him and watch the cut-scene to finish the mission.

MISSION 9: Terrorist Alert: Imminent

Go and talk to Guy who is standing outside the dormitory entrance.
He shows you a room where he thinks someone is plotting a terrorist attack at night.
Go into one of the classrooms around the school to pick up some paperclips which you can use as a lockpick.
Pick up a few (in case you suck at the lock picking mini game) and then go back and meet Guy on the second floor of the dormitories.
Complete the lock picking mini game and unlock the door to trigger a cut-scene and complete the mission.

MISSION 10: Suspicious Activity

Go to the second floor of the main school and talk to Mr Ross outside his room.
If you want you can go double check that Mr Stouffer is in fact taking his morning dump in the toilets on the first floor.
Afterwards go back upstairs to the Headmaster's Office, unlock the door and go inside.
Go to the top left corner of the room and interact with the safe.
Complete the safe mini game and take a look at the document Mr Ross sent you to find.
Go back to Mr Ross and give him what you've found to complete the mission.

MISSION 11: Bringing Home the Booze

Go into the Girl's Toilets on the second floor of the main school and speed to Lilly (who is passed out on the floor).
After the cut-scene is over you are inside the secret wine cellar in the school playground.
You must get Lilly to operate levers to create a path through the lasers to reach the alcohol stash.

Navigate your way through the maze using this diagram:

This is the solution:

After you've made it through Lilly joins you outside the door.
Use the switch on the left hand side and open it, then talk to Lilly to complete the mission.

MISSION 12: Identification

Head to the Boy's Toilets on the first floor of the main school and talk with Patrick.
After the cut-scene talk to Dave and he will suggest checking out the English room for handwriting samples.
Go to the English room and interact with the stack of papers on the desk and the handwriting comparison mini game will begin.

You have to compare Patrick's note to several handwriting worksheets. To find the author of the note, find differences between each worksheet and the note, until you have 1 left - the author.
Once you notice the difference, click on the area. If you're correct,? a pen will ring the difference, and the worksheet will be eliminated from the list.

Here are the differences:

Janet: Writes a capital "J" with a line on the top.
Fred: Gibberish.
Harold: Writes "Teh" instead of "The".
Queenie: Justified text.
Kevin: Childish Joke.
Chris: Writes "u" without a tail.
Dave: Beginning of paragraph indented.
Brian: Doesn't use captial letters.
William: Showing signs of mental illness.
Pippa: Writes "p", "y" and "g" with a long stem.
Irene: Smudgy handwriting.
Vicky: Misses the word "Lazy".
Zena: Writes "z" with a strike-through and writes "Q" with a strike-through tail.

After you've completed the mini game you will have discovered Nate was behind the threat.
Go back to the Boy's Toilets and tell Patrick to finish the mission.

MISSION 13: WRC For Children

Head to the Sport's Field and you'll see Nate, Harold, and Dave playing with a RC race car.
Talk with one of them to start the mission.
You must race the car around the track and beat Nate's best time to complete the mission.
It's fairly easy, once you've accomplished this task you there will be a cut-scene and the mission is finished.

MISSION 14: Freedom!

Go to the second floor of the main building and talk to Dave outside the detention room.
It's time to free Terence from his prison!
Talk with teachers around the school to get a clue to who has the key, then go looking for them.

Mr Ross has the key, and can be found at the bike sheds.
Go and talk to him and he will inform you that he lost the key in the school fountain.

Interact with the fountain to step up and grab the key.
Go back to the detention room, talk with Dave then interact with the door to free Terence and complete the mission.

MISSION 15: Photogenic

Go and talk to Nate outside the Headmaster's Room on the second floor of the main school building.
After a cut-scene you will be with Nate and Dave outside the Dormitories.
You need a rope to get up through the open window, so you must head back to the main building.
If you got the key in ?The Goth-Father' mission, you can head in through the front entrance.
If not you'll have to go in through the open window in the playground area.

Go to the storage room on the second floor, turn on the lights and then pick up the rope from the shelves.

Head back to Nate and Dave outside the dormitories.
Talk with Nate and he'll give you a camera with 6 pictures left.
After a cut-scene you'll be in the Girl's Dormitory and a timer of 3 minutes will be counting down.
Interacting with each bed will give you a description of the girl and then you are asked if you want to take a picture. If you don't find good enough pictures Nate will make you try again.

Each girl has a rating out of 5 (apart from Miss Cummings - the hot nurse - who has a rating of 15)
The objective is to get a score of over 20 with only 6 photos.
So the way to complete this mission is to take pictures of girls with a rating over 3 (on average).

Map of Girls' Beds:

List of Girls in Wasted Youth Part 1 :
Bethany = 5
Casey = 3
Daria = 1
Elaine = 2
Faye = 3
Grace = 2
Heather = 5
Irene = 1
Janet = 4
Kim = 5
Lilly = 2
Monica = 3
Nikki = 5
Olivia = 3
Pippa = 2
Queenie = 1
Ruby = 1
Suzanne = 4
Tina = 2
Vicky = 4
Wendy = 4
Xenia = 3
Yvette = 4
Xena = 4
Miss Cummings = 15
Mrs Lovens = -5

MISSION 16: The Party

Go to the Dormitories and talk with Faye who is standing outside your bedroom.
If it's still daytime go to bed and you will awake at midnight for the Party.
After an encounter with Dave as you leave, head to the Assembly Hall in the main school, this is where the Party is.

Feel free to mingle and talk with people.
Talk with Lilly to start a drinking based mini game.
Alternately hit the Left and Right Arrow and try to beat Lilly. It doesn't matter if you win or lose but you have to attempt it.

Next go and talk with Zena and take part in a Dancing mini game.
Hit the correct Arrow buttons as they hit white target strip.
Again it doesn't matter if you do well or not, but you have to at least attempt it.

After you have tried these two games, you can now talk to Nate.
After a cut-scene go and talk to Nate again who is standing in the centre of the dance floor with lots of people around him.

He shows everyone the photos you got for him in the last mission you did for him, and tries to make everyone hate you.
This starts a fight mini game.
Hit the key that flashes on screen as fast as you can to help you defend yourself and make attacks.
Again, you don't have to win, it doesn't matter either way.
(but he deserves a good beat down so try and win!)
After the fight a cut-scene will play, after which Dave will ask you to come out to the Sport's Field because he's found something.
To dig up the suspicious lump you'll need a spade but it's locked in the shed.
The door is locked with a rope and padlock, so you need to find something to burn it off.
Head to the main entrance where Wendy and Vincent are smoking.
Talk with Vincent and he'll give you his lighter, go back to the shed in the Sports Field and use it to open the door. Go inside and get the spade, and as you leave a cut-scene will start.

A video version of Wasted Youth Part 1 walkthrough will be posted in this video when they go live.


  1. what is the 4 number combination for the hidden locker upstairs in the western room

  2. it's scratched into the bench next to the locker. 1742 on my game.

  3. On the identification mission i cant get the papers to pop-up...


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