Help The Hero walkthrough

Help the Hero is a new funny point and click hero's inventory management adventure game (lol wut?) from armorgames. You don't play as the hero in this game, you don't do it for glory either. In fact, even the author of this game is not sure why you do it. But what's important is you do it. You play as the manservant of the greatest, most manliest hero the world has ever known. Your job is to take care of the items the hero gets in his adventure fitting them in his inventory grid and equip slot. Build his attributes around magic, attack, defense and range attack right or he'll be pummeled into dust by his opponent and it will be your fault.

The idea of the game is quite funny along with the wacky characters. Gameplay presents two aspects, namely fitting items into the grid and figuring out which attributes to equip the hero with. Simple, fun and hilariously challenging at some poit. Anyways, you can join me as I follow Help The Hero walkthrough in a LP video.

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