The Adventures of Red walkthrough

The Adventures of Red Quest for Chocolate Muffins is a new point and click adventure game on armorgames. Help the poor yellow guy named Red get through the castle and overcome the challenges it presents in search of a very important choco muffin.

The Adventures Of Red walkthrough.

This is the written version of The Adventures of Red walkthrough (TAORw).
Room 1: Pick up Key from table
Room 2: Rotate the pieces to complete the Mona Lisa
Room 3: Top Left: sequence is red, yellow, green... missing colour is (out of 4 colours)? (same for Bottom Right.). Similar process for Top Right and Bottom Left.
Room 4: Matching pairs. Random setup each time.
Room 5: Spot 5 differences between 2 pictures.
Room 6: Smash the vases using the hammer to the right of the door on the right.
Room 7: There is rock on the floor which can be dragged.
Room 8: Think of roman numerals.

Room 9: Click gems in order as per the clue on the wall
Room 10: Play the bells in the order of the clue at the top.
Room 11: Move the pieces on to the last pole. Small pieces can only be placed on top of larger pieces.
Room 12: The Indiana Jones puzzle. Use the sand on the floor to make the bucket weigh the same as the skull.
Room 13: Each key corresponds to a locked chest. Complete the two halves of the square to open.
Room 14: Simon Puzzle. Click the diamonds in the order they flash
Room 15: Rotate arrows to get the skull piece to the centre using the colour order clue given.

Room 17: Rotate the sun dials so the line matches up to the wooden beams
Room 19: Light up all the torches.
Room 20: Use coordinates scattered around the room to switch on 4 panels.
Room 21: Click the right way through the letter maze
Room 22: Clue is unveiled through heat.
Room 23: Click items in right order in accordance with the anagrams.
Room 24: Rotate pieces to complete an abstract painting.
Room 25: Move both sets of knights to the other side. Knights can only move in direction they are facing or by jumping over a knight into an empty space. Avoid putting Knights that face the same way to each other directly next to each other.
Room 26: Find the pair of shields. They go random each time.
Room 28: Turn on all the light panels
Room 29: Use the clues to find the symbols which correspond to the letters for the word 'Key'.
Room 30: 2D rubix cube. Rotate any four squares to match the layout given.
Room 31: Shuffle the pieces to match the layout given.

Room 3: TL: Blue, TR: Green, BL: Green, BR: Blue
Room 5: Knight's helmet plume, Left prong on crown, Middle prong on crown missing circle, Horse Saddle is different color, Horse tail different sizes.
Room 8: MIX in roman numerals translates to 1009
Room 9: Gem order: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.
Room 10: if bells are numbered 1 to 5 from left to right, order is 312543
Room 11: Standard Tower of Hanoi puzzle - search for solution on the internet.
Room 12: Place 6 grains of sand in bucket, Swap it with the skull and place it in the hole in the pedestal.
Room 19: Rows (left to right) x columns are numbered 1-9: order is 3,5,7,9,1
Room 21: Answer is "The Right Way"
Room 22: Put ring in the fire to reveal clue: 615423
Room 23: Order is Sword, Diamond, Shield, Candle.
Room 30: See video.
Room 31: See Video again.

This is the video version of The Adventures Of Red walkthrough from the youtubes.

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