The Pocalypse Defense walkthrough

The Pocalypse Defense is a point and click strategy base defense game from greenpixel. This game is based on the popular webcomic about the lives of teenage heroes in a post apocalyptic world. Take on the role of Joe, a seemingly young man but with super powers. Defend New Hammerston and its citizen with your friends Bernie the Sentinel, Jess the Stinger and Harry the battery operated robot from hordes of brain hungry zombies, mutants, plant monsters, killer machines and vampires

The Pocalypse Defense walkthrough.

The gameplay is quite good with lots of upgrades available, from your heroes' weapons, suits and skills to your base's gate. But one problem is when you look forward to beating this game the easiest way, you'll find that obtaining the rocket launcher as soon as possible is the only thing you need and the rest of the weapons and upgrades will become useless in beating the game. Hence it becomes boring. Aside from that it's really entertaining. I like superfist Joe, the Sentinel and the Stinger costumes and their skills. Anyways, here is a complete The Pocalypse Defense walkthrough showing the rocket launcher strategy I mentioned.

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