Zombie Defense Agency walkthrough

Zombie Defense Agency is a new point and click strategy tower defense game from miniclip. The game is set in a zombie apocalyptic world. As almost all humans had turned to zombies, the need for zombie commodities i.e. brain of non-infected humans, rises. Starvation amongst the zombie populace is at an all time high and they now prospects your town for their next raid. It's now up to you, being the controller of the defense agency to feed them, but not with brains but with bullets.

Zombie Defense Agency walkthrough.

Like any other tower defense games you've played before, you must strategically place attack towers in order to overcome the waves of zombies. New towers and upgrades will be available as you progress. I love both tower defense games and zombie games so I commend miniclip for mixing them up. Keep it up guys. Anyways, in search for effective strategies to employ to this game, I looked up for some video materials hence the Zombie Defense Agency walkthrough showing all levels beaten by some awesome player.

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