The Agency of Anomalies Mystic Hospital walkthrough

The Agency of Anomalies Mystic Hospital Collector's Edition is a new hidden object puzzle adventure downloadable pc game also available for mac. You play as a special agent and your mission is to investigate a military facility that hosted a variety of terrifying and evil experiments. As you explore the dark rooms of this place you will discover the monstrosities that soldiers, doctors and nurses have been transformed into. After going through all of this horrifying and terrible things that only special agents like you can handle you will have to stop a dimensional vortex from destroying the world and turning it into a place with unimaginable things.

The Agency of Anomalies Mystic Hospital walkthrough.

The game looks neat and the graphics is good as it should be. Story and puzzle aspect is a bit mature from other games in the same genre. We're talking about zombified individuals that wants to ripp off your head and eat your brains and elctro man who shoots high voltage electricity from his body. How you beat them is not anywhere near having a fist fight with them - you have to outwit them instead. Anyways, if you are stuck at some point of this game, let me share The Agency Of Anomalies Mystic Hospital walkthrough I am currently following (will update when new references about TAOAMH goes online).

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