City Siege 2 walkthrough

City Siege 2 Resort Siege is another new action strategy game from thepodge. This is basically the follow up sequel for las year's city siege game. Prepare to take out even more challenging baddies who packs more firepower, tanks, helicopters and mini gun wielding veterans. The previous game CS is really fun and this one I think is equally fun and offers a bit more challenging levels. The new units, spy, veteran and transport copter adds up to bring your tactics to a higher level.

City Siege 2 walkthrough.

What can I say. It's awesome like its predeccessor. Taking out baddies while keeping the civilians and VIPs and managing your resources at the same time is fun. Anyways, let's follow this City Siege 2 walkthrough (as usual, it will be updated when new vids come out).

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