Poptropica Red Dragon Island walkthrough

Poptropica Magic Tree House Red Dragon Island is a new action adventure game from poptropica. Apparently, the magical tree house somehow landed on poptropica. Jack and Annie is now on a journey back in time to a mystical world of sumo wrestlers, samurai warriors and even greater dangers that lurk in the clouds under the iron fist of the shogun. Surviving this world is harder than you thought and so it's up to you to harness and master a set of awesome ninja skills and go through a very dangerous rescue mission and find your way safely back home.

Poptropica Red Dragon Island walkthrough.

We all love poptropica games and this one takes us to a completely diffrerent world where a unique adventure unfolds - very entertaining, needless to say. Anyways, we are following this Poptropica Red Dragon Island walkthrough (this is updated when new videos goes live).

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