Castaway 2 walkthrough

Castaway is a new action adventure rpg game developed by likwidgames. This game takes its award winning predecessor game to a whole new level. You will find yourself once again stranded in a mysterious island, it is up to your own survival instinct to find a way off. Take on a journet that takes you through a whole new vast terrains and different environments while completing quests and going through epic boss battles. Train pets to fight alongside you harnessing their unique skills and abilities. Discover and unlock rare items, weapons and equipments using the new crafting system in your inventory screen.

Castaway 2 walkthrough.

The game is much larger than the previous one - there are over 100 different levels. More stable and steady 30 fps gameplay is noticeable. More polished graphics, checked. More monsters and pets, checked. The crafting system where you can do almost a hundred different crafting combinations is just huge enough. There 15 spells if you are the type of player who just wants to cast magic attacks. Definitely a very entertaining game with lost of gameplay hours. Anyways, we will collect Castaway 2 walkthrough videos and other materials and we'll update this page with along with the video below so check back always.


  1. where can i get another rusty daggar ive already changed mine into a trusty daggar and now i cant complete a quest

  2. YOu have to buy it at a shop.

  3. where do you get the ruby and the emerald


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