Lume walkthrough

Lume walkthrough.
Lume is a new point and click puzzle adventure PC game (also on Mac) created by state of play, the creators of some popular browser games. What is standout feature of this game is its visual style as everything in it was created out of cardboard and paper. But it is not only an eye candy but the puzzles it has are cleverly thought out. The plot is simple, puzzle solving starts when grandpa left the house after the electricity went out. He heads into the village and left grandson alone in his old house, not to sit still and wait for him but to solve puzzles. Find clues all around the house and solve every puzzle that will lead to another.

This game is controlled entirely by mouse but that doesn't mean you can sit back and relax wnile playing it. Most of the time you will have to get your eyes really close to the screen to find clues. A very challenging game that even a seasoned escape gamer will stop and think a lot and sometimes let out heavy sigh. Anyways, for Lume walkthrough and spoilers, I found videos and embedded them here.

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