Duck Life 3 Evolution walkthrough

Duck Life 3 Evolution is the latest installment of the very popular ducklife game series from sims5000. In this game, you train your duck and enter it in races against other creatures. It's not that easy to raise modified ducks and it's not easy to make them win races. You will have to train your duck very hard. Pushing it to its limits. Excellent climbing, flying, swimming and running skills can only be achieved through hard training.

Duck Life 3 Evolution walkthrough.

There are three types of leagues to join in this game, namely; amateur, advance and professional league. However, to join the professional league, you must finish amateur and advance leagues first. Oh, well, the game is not a graphics intensive game but it is still fun to play. Not that hard to beat, too. Anyways, I found and embedded a Ducklife 3 Evolution walkthrough in case you guys need one.


  1. This guy talked weird, but thanks! I LOVE duck life 1, 2, 3, and this helped me a bunch! Thanks!

  2. Hi? I was wondering, is it possible to beat the game as the swimming duck? When I got to the second area, the duck couldn't complete one of the races.


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