Let The Bullets Fly 2 walkthrough

Let The Bullets Fly 2 is a new point and click physics based game from gamepirate. The gameplay is very similar to Ricochet Kills but with different set of levels. It's a simple game, you bounce your bullets off walls and around levels as you try to take out all of the baddies with as few shots as you can.

Let The Bullets Fly 2 walkthrough.

Though this one is not the first on its genre, I would say that it is still fun to play and quite entertaining with fairly challenging levels. Anyways, if you need some guide on how you can beat all the levels of this game, see Let The Bullets Fly 2 walkthrough showing all 40 levels beaten.

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  1. hey,its my video! :3 thanks for use it like a reference to the game :)


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