River Raider walkthrough

River Raider is a new tap down action adventure shooter game from miniclip who is now celebrating their 10th anniverssary. Play as commando who was sent to a one man mission to raid heavily guarded enemy bases. It's kind of a suicide mission but you know the weakness in their defense and that is through the rivers. The river as your point of entry, blast your way in to enemy lair utilizing any capable vehicles and firepower on your way while you collect medals for extra points. In each level, you will be faced with an enemy boss and that is when you perform your shooting skills, evading and resourcefulness comes in.

River Raider walkthrough.

It's kind of an epic tap down shooter I have played for quite a while now. It reminds me of a rambo inspired game back when I was a kid. I can't say anything about the sound effects and animation - they are good like prvious miniclip games. The only thing I noticed is that the inability of ground vehicles to reverse but there's a lot of vehicles to use so it doesn't matter anymore. Meanwhile, for some strategies and techniques, let's follow this River Raider walkthrough videos showing all levels beaten including the final boss battle.

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