Hacker vs Hacker walkthrough

Hacker vs Hacker walkthrough.Hacker vs Hacker is a new point and click strategy defense game from ageofgames. This a game where you put your offense and defense tactics at the same time. Defend your computer from attacking malwares and viruses while you send your own army of viruses to your enemy's PC. The game features 17 stages to dominate. Further stages becomes more and more difficult as you face new types of malwares.

This game is really neat and I personally like it a lot. But unlike other tower defense games that I got used to, I am not able to upgrade attack towers in this one which is kinda unusual for a tower defense. Anyways, I still love this game for its concept. For some gameplay bits, tips and techniques for this game, I will be looking around for some Hacker Vs Hacker walkthrough and post them here (updated when new vids goes live).

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  1. you are able to upgrade the towers on level 5 and out!


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