Zombie Knight walkthrough

Zombie Knight is a new action adventure rpg game from evil space chicken. Hack and slash your way through eleven different locations each with varrying difficulties and enemy races from human knights, elves, ogres, orcs, undead, lizardmen, treants to demons. You can play in two different modes namely story mode and survival mode. As per the story, centuries ago there were a group of warriors battling the demon possesed creatures and as they were about to taste victory they were betrayed by the king. Luckily, one templar is willing to rise from the grave to avenge his death his comrades'. You are that warrior and you are now a zombie. As a zombie you have now different set of skills to utilize in your vegeance.

Zombie Knight walkthrough.

This game features lots of slashing, a wide variety of weapons, armor and skills to unlock. Although the gameplay may be a little repititive it is progressively challenging as you play further. Nonetheless, it's really entertaining. For Zombie Knight walkthrough, I will be collecting videos of gameplays of this game and will post down below.

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