Gun Mayhem walkthrough

Gun Mayhem is a new action shooting game battle from KevinGu armorgames. This game is a high octane arena style action cartoony platformer shooter where you get to play against the AI or with friends. Its main features are its multiplayer feature which supports up to 4 players at once, 60 different firearms to unlock and use, 4 unique gameplay modes: Last Man Standing, One Shot One Kill, Gun Game and Duck Defense, and finally, fully customizable characters.

Gun Mayhem walkthrough.

In campaign mode there is a coop option where you can play along with an ally or player 2. The game reminds me of the CF2 game only in this one you use no brawling skills but only gun firepower. Anyways, you may find the final level in campaign mode difficult to beat so let me show you Gun Mayhem walkthrough showing the last boss with the mini-gun beaten.



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