Silly Sausage walkthrough

Silly Sausage is new platformer arcade game from one of our favorite game publisher, nitrome. This game is about a dog, a different breed of dog - a stretchy dog. Your job is to safely navigate the lovable sausage like dog through the dangers and obstacles that lay ahead in each level. Search for treasures as you guide stretchy dog contort himself through pathways and pipes.

Silly Sausage walkthrough.

As always, Nitrome had another job well done in this game. It features 30 fairly challenging levels and really addicting gameplay - yes sticking on walls is somewhat addicting. It's like a dog had possessed the power of Plastic Man. Protip: Timing is key to not being hit by those rolling blades. Anyways, I assume that all of us playing this game had passed through the first several levels so for now let's just cover in the Silly Sausage walkthrough the further stages in the game and the rest later or if I don't get lazy gathering videos.

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