Steampunk walkthrough

Steampunk is a new point and click puzzle game coming out on armorgames. You have to save the good hero by getting him to the safe ground. Click on objects to strategically remove them. You can remove all wooden blocks but metal blocks can't be destroyed. Finish a level with fewer clicks for better medal. You will know that you've beaten the level when the good hero flexes lol.

Steampunk walkthrough.

In some levels there will be other character, the bad guys, that you must knock off the game screen while you try to save the good hero. Balancing and right timing can be your best weapon to beating this game. Anyways, if you're here searching for some tips or perhaps a guide of some sort to help you beat all levels in this game, I've got you covered. I found this secret Steampunk walkthrough well hidden in some unlisted index of the web.

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