Terraria walkthrough

Terraria is a new action adventure rpg downloadable PC game from Relogic. This game is presented in 2D graphics similar to some of your favorite old school rpg games on Nintendo. In this game you can choose how what you want to do in it. You can choose to build fantastic towns to attract NPCs who offers services or explore the land, its vast dungeons and cave systems where you can find items that you can use to summon monsters you can battle for valuable items.

Terraria walkthrough.

There are really a lot of things to do in this game - collect all items, beat 3 bosses or collect platinum coins. Plus the multiplayer feature is brilliant - you can play with your friends over the internet. You won't get bored too quickly on this one, but don't expect that you'll get the infinity gameplay you get from other games like Minecraft. For some guide and tips to playing this game, I am following Terraria walkthrough (updated when new videos goes online).


  1. O jogo é bastante interessante, eu aconselho.

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