Kingdom Rush walkthrough

Kingdom Rush is a new point and click tower defense game from ironhidegames. Apparently, the kingdom is under attack and you have to defend it against hordes of trolls, orcs, evil wizards and a host of other nasty fiends with a mighty arsenal of warriors and powerful mages of your own. Take on battles that takes place on forests, wastelands and mountains in this tower defense game.

Kingdom Rush walkthrough.

Build defensive towers and upgrade them with special abilities, shower your enemies with fire, summon brave troops, recruit agile elven warriors and face vicious legendary monsters. It has nice art style, neat animation, funny voice acting and it also packs lots of achievements to unlock for those who seek more challenge. In short, its a great game, it is fun and fairly challenging. Meanwhile, for Kingdom Rush walkthrough (showing gameplays in farmlands, Pagras, Silver Oak outpost, Southport  Heroic and iron challenge, Twin Rivers, Lozagon, Royal Bridge, Ruins of Aearoth, Forsaken Valley, Dead Lands, Stormcloud Temple, Coldstep Mines, Icewind Pass, Valardul Waste, Rotten Forest, Otil, Lineria, Frozen Highlands, Coldstep Mines, Sarelaz Lair, Hammerhold, Rift of Cinders and other levels etc.) we gathered some videos.


  1. how to melt the frozen cave ?
    please answer this question.

  2. To melt the cave use rain of fire on it.

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  5. I play the game on Kingdom Rush - do you know is this official site?


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