Stealing The Diamond walkthrough

Stealing The Diamond is another point and click game from Puffball United. This is basically the sequel to the game called Escaping the Prison which did pretty good, too. This time you are back on the offense. The precious Tunisian Diamond is on display in the museum and it's up to you how you will steal it or fail on doing so. There are 3 different ways that you can succeed in stealing it and many more ways to fail. You can win the Undetected way, the epic way or the aggressive way.

Stealing The Diamond.

It has funny looking characters, neat simple stick animation and nice sound track and it's hilariously fun and entertaining. All praises to the author for entertaining, uhm, at least me if not everybody. Meanwhile, if you need some help regarding how you can beat the game in all ways possible, see Stealing The Diamond walkthrough showing the solution.

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