Douchebag Life cheats

Douchebag Life is a new funny point and click time management adventure game from gamesfree. This game is about doucheness - building your body muscles, pimping up your crib, tuning up your ride and scoring chicks in the club. Your goal is to be the ultimate douchebag in the beach party that will be held in 14 days.

Douchebag Life cheats.

It's hilariously fun but if you entered these Douchebag Life cheats you will not be able to submit your highscore but you will beat the game. So yeah, we've got some Douchebag Life cheats :

press Shift S on your keyboard to get instant money,
press Shift U to go back an hour in the day,
press Shift I to fast-forward time.


  1. Replies
    1. shift eu? você provavelmente usa tradutor no navegador. é shift + I

  2. nice!! it's working! I've finished the levels on 9th day! ^_^

  3. i finished on day 7 thanx for the cheats

  4. i pushed shift ans s now i think i have like 5000 or even more

  5. you can change the mass with hold down shift + M

    1. and with shift+ L you can level up douchebag , so can you beat the game in 1 day ;D

  6. iwon the game day 1 bye spaming shift and l

  7. good game i already got everything i wanted from te cheat that grant you 100 hundred $$ from holding SHIFT+S at the same time

  8. how do you get the garage


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