Crush The Castle TD walkthrough

Crush The Castle TD is a point and click tower defense game from armorgames. This is essentially based on the hit physics game on iphone and ipod touch. Long ago, the ruler of the Redvonian empire conquered the lands with the help of his loyal and cunning siege master who vanquished all those who opposed his king by toppling down their castles. All of the king's enemies were buried beneath rubble and debris except for one formidable foe - King Blutias. This vengeful king has amassed a terrifying army and marched toward the Redvonian empire with intention of destroying every castle in his path. Now the siege master is called upon once again but this time to initiate defense.

Crush The Castle TD walkthrough.

Like other tower defense games from Armor, this one is also cool with crisp, simple graphics and smooth animation. Tactical and resource management skills are required specially in further levels. You better read the tips in the preloader screen for it has many useful hints. This game also has a simple research tree that will allow you to upgrade your abilities provided that you have enough research points which are earned through XP and leveling up. Meanwhile, we've gathered some Crush The Castle TD walkthrough showing gameplays and strategies for islands Daneefly, Gurun Plains, Tasselvania and Minovia.

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