Unreal Flash 3 cheats

Unreal Flash 3 cheats.
Unreal Flash 3 is a new action shooting game from maxgames. This is basically the latest in the Unreal Flash series and the best among them so far. Shoot down enemies using a variety of weapons that spawn around the level. Choose team from several different races and customize them the way you want. In the story mode you will get to play all different modes including capture the flag, deathmatch and a one shot one kill type.

This game has a good ragdoll physics elements in it though it is not the best out there but it still entertaining enough to make me stay and finish the game altogether in one sitting. Very fun indeed. Anyways, I have listed all of Unreal Flash 3 cheats that you can enter at the cheat menu.

WHOARETHEMASTERS - Secret Team Unlocked.
WHEREAMI Secret - Secret Map Unlocked.
ENTERTHEMATRIX - Matrix Mode Activated (slow motion mode)
IMFROMIRONMAN - play as Ironman
ILOVECRASHING - play as crash test dummy
ITSAMEMARIO - play as Mario.


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