The Sagittarian 3 walkthrough

The Sagittarian 3 is a new point and click text based choose your own adventure game from Hyptosis. It is basically a zombie game with lots of surprises and morbidly entertaining humor in it. There are 4 possible endings namely, A Man in the Wilderness (Anna died/Anna lived), Fu-kin' America and Gambling Fever in which you get to choose from at the beginning of the game. It does not have the tension of graphical animated zombie games out there but it's totally entertaining in it's own way and its funny too.

The Sagittarian 3 walkthrough.

It does not only showcases sheer awesomeness it also contains a pack of blues music that goes in the background to keep your head banging while you weave your adventure. Meanwhile, I am collecting videos of The Sagittarian 3 walkthrough showing game completion with different endings.

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