Asylum Rehash walkthrough

Asylum Rehash is a new point and click escape game developed by selfdefiant. Apparently, nightmares of an asylum keep haunting you and you're going nuts that you can't tell what is real anymore. But one thing went through your mind to make it stop, that is to find the source of these dreams and destroy it. You will have to enter a massive asylum with over 70 areas to explore and mingle with many trapped spirits that will help you along the way.

Asylum Rehash walkthrough.

This game has this thrilling and scary factor that makes it uniquely interesting and fun. Puzzle aspect are good and actually a bit challenging that even seasoned escape gamers will have a head-scratching moment. This is a beautifully done escape game. If you were stuck at some point of the game and came here for Asylum Rehash walkthrough, here the video guide which I believe is from the game's author.

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