Rubble Trouble Tokyo walkthrough

Rubble Trouble Tokyo is a new point and click physics based game from a popular developer called Nitrome. This is basically a sequel or a shoot off if we may call it, for the very successful demolition simulation game. Use all of the tools at your disposal now includes new multi dynamite, friendly sumo wrestlers and mecha-saur to demolish the building in this cool new nitrome  game.

Rubble Trouble Tokyo walkthrough.

This game features 30 brand new levels guaranteed to give you tons of explosions and awesome physics elements together with the nitromish art style that we all love. New tools gives us a wide variety of ways to demolish buildings, though further levels can be really challenging and requires some planning (like a real professional demolition expert). Meanwhile, if you need help in finishing this game, see (RTTW) Rubble Trouble Tokyo walkthrough which shows how to beat it down to the last level.

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  1. wawooooooooooo.what a nice artical i like it very much and try it nowsoftlips


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