Zombotron walkthrough

Zombotron is a new platformer adventure zombie shooting game from Ant Karlov on armorgames. This is set in a planet called zombotron where mutants and zombies live. Apparently, nobody knows where they came from or what is their purpose in the universe but one thing is for sure - they will destroy everything that moves including bio robots like yourself. Rid the planet off these zombies and other hosts of unpleasant creatures.

Zombotron walkthrough.

This game is one fun shooter which features neat graphics, animation and physics elements too. Zombies, explosions, lots of shooting action and secret chests, bags and head hunting all in this one good game. It packs 10 levels which contains 3 different additional missions in each. Meanwhile, here on Earth I am in the process of collecting videos of Zombotron walkthrough which wil show bits of the game and other stuff about it like secrets, etc.

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