Exit Path 2 walkthrough

Exit Path 2 is a new platformer adventure game created by armorgames. The story takes place in dystopia of Central, an apparently large shadowy organization which you have recently escaped from. Now finding a life in underground in a secret society far from the knowledge of Central, you are sent on a journey of sustenance to the surface once again.

Exit Path 2 walkthrough.

This amazing platformer offers a uniplayer which is consist of two main gameplay mode namely; the main storyline mode and the challenge courses and a multiplayer mode where you can get into the fray with up to five runners. You can also customize your runner's look via the customize menu. This game I think is platforming at its best by far. Anyways, its also a fairly challenging game so if you got stuck at some point, I gathered some videos of Exit Path 2 walkthrough to help us all beat its levels.

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