Versus Umbra walkthrough

Versus Umbra walkthrough.Versus Umbra is a new action shooting adventure game from arkuni. This is where you fight off seemingly endless waves of enemies while you collect invertium and loot to build more efficient weapons for your next missions. You can also craft armor and other useful gadgets to help you win battles. Your character levels up and gain perks and other bonuses. If you need more firepower you can complete challenges and achievements to unlock secret weapons and relics.

This game is played using AWD keys on your keyboard to move and the mouse for aiming and shooting. Other controls are shown in the in game training. There is an ample supply of shooting action, upgrades and weapons in here but some of the items and cool stuff are only available if you purchase the premium content. It's still a great game though. Meanwhile, here is Versus Umbra walkthrough showing guide to all levels down to the final center of trouble.

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