Civilizations Wars Ice Legend walkthrough

Civilizations Wars Ice Legend is a new real time strategy game from tjcarlos. Choose one of four races and lead your people through hazard snow of North Pole to discover what really happened there. Battle through over 90 levels, capture a variety of buildings across three types in 9 game modes. You can learn 18 skills, cast 10 spells and get to defeat huge monsters but if you seek more challenge you can go for 100 achievements.

Civilizations Wars Ice Legend walkthrough.

This game is controlled with mouse for doing all actions and numbers 1 to 0 for spell shortcuts. To select a building, you must click and hold your mouse over the building that you want to select. You can multiple select buildings of up to 15. The art style and graphics is great and the animation is fine. Gameplay is quite addicting so prepared to be occupied for a while if you are going to try this game. Meanwhile, here is Civilizations Wars Ice Legend walkthrough which shows some action.

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