Mission in Space The Lost Colony walkthrough

Mission in Space The Lost Colony walkthrough.
Mission in Space: The Lost Colony is a new strategy turn based tactical action game from stormalligator. This game is set in a mining colony in far from our galaxy called NC-721. Apparently, the colony hasn't shown any signs of life for about 6 weeks so troopers have been sent to investigate the situation and their first objective is to search for the logs of the science officer of the colony in question. The story follows your main character which is a lieutenant scout and 4 others (specialist, sergeant, medic and techie) which you will also take control of as the game progresses.

The enemy aliens in this tactical game have 6 MP and they use the ventilation grids to quickly move through the facility - it is wise to always have your troopers away from. If you want to play hard mode, you have to finish mission 12 to unlock it. About the graphics, I think it's pretty cool, simple and neat. The animation is great for a first game made by its authors. Its storyline is quite impressive and intense which is engaging the players.  Meanwhile, if you got stuck or having difficulties here is Mission in Space The Lost Colony walkthrough with the guide to beating its levels.

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