Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough

Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough.
This Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough will guide us through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with some tips and strategy from an awesome player for this retro pixel platform adventure indie game from creator Buster. The game starts off with a little being in the middle of a castle only with a sword and helmet. There are a number of paths that you can explore while you battle creatures of the castle that are trying to take you down. More often you will find yourself in a dead end unless you find a key or a required item to pass through another area.

This game is surprisingly big in terms of the things to do and items hunting for its pretty small explorable map. There are at least 30 items to be found in your quest, a handful of keys required to open doors and  several side weapons to wield against enemies that are all over the place. There are also some epic boss battles here where the real challenges are. Meanwhile, here is the Hydra Castle Labyrinth walkthrough with the game completion including the final boss.

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