The Ballads of Reemus walkthrough

The Ballads of Reemus When the Bed Bites walkthrough.The Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites is a point and click adventure game from clickshakegames. Help Reemus and his companion bear Liam through quests in search of glory and a soft bed. This game features a full voice acting and it's not bad at all. There are a bunch of cut scenes too and the art style and animation just fits perfectly together. The Kingdom of Fredicus is such an interesting place - a fantastic world set in a very old time with modern pop culture humor in it.

Basically, it's just mouse that you need to play the game, just click around the game to interact with the objects in the environment. You have an inventory where you keep the items you gained - click the item to use it. Searching for a soft bed is no easy task even if you have a bear companion so here is The Ballads of Reemus walkthrough with the solution.

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