Trine 2 walkthrough

Trine 2 walkthrough.Trine 2 is a new action fantasy physics platformer adventure PC game from frozenbyte. This game is built around three playable characters each with unique abilities. They are Pontius the knight, Amadeus the wizard and Zoya the thief. Their unique skills are great but in order to maximize their use you will have to have them work together by switching controls over them back and forth. Levels in Trine 2 requires each of the three character's skills and many of the puzzles can be solved in different ways.

This game features crisp graphics, very good animation and a quite addicting gameplay that will surely occupy you for long hours. There's a lot of action, magic, ninja grapple swinging and orb collecting to be done in this game not to mention epic boss battles that is really engaging - a very clever game indeed. Meanwhile, here is Trine 2 walkthrough covering levels: Forlorn Wilderness, Mudwater Dale, Mosslight Marsh, Petrified Tree, Shadowed Halls, Hushing Grove, Mushroom Caves, Murk, Searock Castle, Eldritch Passages, Icewarden Keep and the Final Chapter (Ending).

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