Dustforce walkthrough

Dustforce is an acrobatic platformer game for PC and Mac OS from HitboxTeam. Unlike other speed centric games where you collect coins or rings along the way, here you sweep dusts and clutter like leaves, chemicals among others. You do those things the awesome way like a ninja whose specialty and attributes are built around the janitorial skill tree. This game features four characters that you can play as, some of them having some tweaks in their abilities such as triple jump instead of regular double, that gives the player a different gameplay experience.

Dustforce walkthrough.

Chores that involves brooms, dusters or vacuum cleaners may suck in real life but here in Dustforce it is total awesomeness. You can also engage in a local multiplayer if your brothers or sisters also do not want to do sweeping chores in real life. This game is very simple but surprisingly fun. Meanwhile, here is Dustforce walkthrough showing some levels played and completed (also shows some silver and gold key levels, SS ranks, etc - will update when new videos goes live).

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  1. uhm.. walkthrough? this is just a quick synopsis of the game. it is not a walkthrough.

    i'll never come to this blogspot again.


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