Abobo's Big Adventure walkthrough

Abobo's Big Adventure walkthrough.
Abobo's Big Adventure is the game of the century according to its presenter and creators namely, The Pox Box, I-mockery and Presto Force. This is the ultimate tribute to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games - a mega 8-bit parody game that is made by fans for the fans. The protagonist in this game is no other than Abobo, probably the most angriest character in the known universe of NES. Apparently, there is a story behind that angry face and that is having his son, Aboboy kidnapped by other villains. Now it's up to you to help him fight his way through some of the greatest NES games of all time, meeting familiar characters that will surely take you on a trip down the memory lane.

This game features nostalgic super retro levels, artwork, cut scenes, new rage moves on each level and epic boss battles. If you are clever enough, you might find some secrets and unlock all 100 medals. Meanwhile, here is Abobo's Big Adventure walkthrough showing the game being played.

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