All That Matters walkthrough

All That Matters is a new physics based platformer puzzle adventure game from alibati. It's about being lost and being able to get a family back together. Help Walter reunite his unloving family and be happy once again through solving physics based puzzles. You will have to control different family members each having their own unique abilities to overcome obstacles in their lives.

This game features twenty eight unique levels you can unlock and play when you get enough numbers of hearts. There's also a level editor where users can create share their own levels. The art style, animation and physics just fits perfect together plus the back story is interesting enough to keep you reading. If you seek more challenge you go for the badges. Gameplay is so easy to learn but as you go further you will learn that this game is quite hard to master. It's good to see games like this starting off this year. Meanwhile, here is All That Matters walkthrough guide showing levels cleared.

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