House Of Anubis The Secrets Within walkthrough

House of Anubis The Secrets Within is an exploration game from nick. Nina is back from the states and is eager to pick up where she left off with her new friends. She thought that she can leave the dark mysteries behind but then again she is wrong. The mysterious house is awakening once more and this time there's a restless spirit involved. Help the students overcome the obstacles and figure out what lies beneath the mysterious house of Anubis before it ends up in situation you will all regret.

House Of Anubis The Secrets Within walkthrough.

This game features very neat nice graphics and animation. The sound effects and background music also fits to the game's concept. The gameplay is all about exploring and unraveling the mysteries of the house. This one is really a very engaging game with interesting story and characters namely, Mick, Fabian, Patricia, Jerome, Nina, Amber, Alfie and Mara. Meanwhile, here is a series of (HOATSW) House of Anubis The Secrets Within walkthrough guide giving us tips and hints how to finish the game (includes the owls, clues, yoyo weapon, the cup of Ankh, defeating Rufus).

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